11 Common Mistakes You Can Make With Your WordPress Website

11 Common Mistakes You Can Make With Your WordPress Website

We will list the 11 common mistakes you can make with your WordPress website. But before that, let’s talk about the types of errors you should avoid. Making mistakes as a beginner is inevitable. Therefore, you should learn from your mistakes. But, some faults can be very hard or even impossible to fix if you’re not careful. We hope you’ll read this article before you start your website, so your work will not go to waste. When you make your website, you should learn how to use WordPress properly. We’ve created an enormous guide explaining the use of WordPress. You can read it here.

Here Are The 11 Common Mistakes You Can Make With Your WordPress Website

Mistake Number One: Choose A Bad Hosting Company

Choosing a bad hosting company is the first mistake you can make while building your website. Migrating from one hosting to another can be a pain. Especially if you already have a significant and well-established website. Also, there can always be issues and data loss, so if you have to migrate, do a backup first!

Many problems might occur if you’re using a bad host. For example, slow website and load time, errors, downtime (when your website is not online.) And also hackers taking over your site due to inadequate security of the servers of your hosting.

But why have this headache in the future, when you can choose a good host from the get-go? We recommend SiteGround because we use it on this website and other websites. We have no issues, the site is fast, and their support is excellent. They are also officially recommended by WordPress. Do you need any more proof that they are amazing?

one of the 11 Common Mistakes You Can Make With Your WordPress Website: choose a bad hosting. SiteGround is an excellent hosting provider.
SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress.

Mistake Number Two: Choose A Slow Theme

Most of the themes in the WordPress repository are slow because they are bloated. Some of them will look appealing to you, but you shouldn’t choose them. Instead, we recommend you stick with either Astra or OceanWP. They are the best free themes, in our opinion. They also have paid versions that add additional functionality if you need it (you’ll probably do if you want to create a large business.)

Keep in mind that a poorly coded theme can cause security issues, and also problems with compatibility of plugins. Therefore, you should choose a highly rated one with a lot of downloads. On top of that, consider that a bloated theme can slow down your website. So pick one carefully.

Mistake Number Three: Choose A Bad Page Builder

Same as themes, a horrible page builder that’s poorly coded can cause a slow website and inconsistencies with different plugins. You’d want to choose a page builder that has all the functionality you need. You don’t want to choose one that’ll cause slow loading times and also flexible enough and can do everything you want to do in your design.

There are currently three-page builders that are worth buying. If you want the most capable and feature-rich page builder, go with Elementor. The downside is that they don’t have a life-time plan. If you want the best your money can buy, go with Divi because they have a life plan. But if you are willing to wait for approximately one to two years for a page builder that’ll probably be better than both of them, wait for Brizy. However, keep in mind that right now, Brizy is inferior to the other two. But it’s the easiest and user-friendly to use in our opinion.

So to conclude this section, if you are going to build a website right now, your best option is to use Elementor Pro, and you’ll only pay $49 per year which is far cheaper than buying let’s say a sales funnel builder. And you can build both sales funnels and full websites with Elementor. You can get Elementor here. Don’t make one of the common mistakes of choosing a lousy page builder to your site. You don’t want to change your whole design and core components because you’re switching a page builder.

Mistake Number Four: Use Too Many Plugins

Installing too many plugins is one of the common mistakes you can do on your site. You have to understand that each plugin you install will eventually slow your site, depends on how system heavy the plugin is. Installing too many plugins is a huge mistake that you should avoid. Therefore you have to make sure that each plugin you use is essential to your site. Also, keep notice that you don’t use duplicate plugins, which means two plugins that have the same purpose and functionality, because they can cause conflict and crash the website in the worst cases.

Mistake Number Five: Not Setting Up A Backup To Your Site

If you are choosing a reputable hosting, they will do backups automatically for you. However, that fact shouldn’t mean you don’t have to do local backups yourself. There are plugins like UpdraftPlus that are doing local backups to your Google Drive or Dropbox. Always make a fresh copy every couple of months. Also, make copies of your blog posts. Besides, it’s better to be extra safe than sorry.

Mistake Number Six: Not Writing Enough Content

If you think that if you write 15-20 blog posts and Google will give you millions of visitors, and you’ll be rich, you’re wrong. Your site has to be at least one year old, and have 40+ articles that are helpful for Google to give you traffic. Therefore, you have to make sure you are writing useful content and help your visitors. Keep writing, and people will come.

Mistake Number Seven: Trying To Promote Your Website Too Early

Trying to get traffic through social media, forums, and other platforms, or pay for ads without having enough content is wrong. That’s one of the common mistakes a new site does all the time. Instead of putting your time and effort to write good content, you want to spend your time and market the little content you have? Don’t do that. You need to market your site after you’ll get momentum and start getting traffic from Google first.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve made 20 pieces of content, and you try to market them through social media and paid ads heavily. And that process is taking you half a year. That traffic will decline and go away because you don’t have enough “meat,” enough content for people to come back. On the other hand, if you invest that time in writing content and have 60 articles in half a year, Google will start sending traffic to the site, and now will be an excellent time to start marketing your website.

In the beginning, you want to spend all of your efforts to make content. When you have an established site, you need to choose to either continue writing content and hire a freelancer to do the marketing or vice versa. Now you already have quantity. You have a ton of blog posts, so instead of making five to ten small articles a month, make 2-3 significant, useful, with substantial research articles. And the rest of the time, put your efforts into marketing existing content and the new content.

Mistake Number Eight: Not Using An Optimization Tool

If you don’t optimize the code of your website, images, scripts, etc., your website will become slow. Therefore, you have to use an optimization plugin to help you compress images and do the work necessary in the background for your site to be fast. If you get SiteGround hosting, they will give you a free tool that will make your site faster. In contrast, you can buy one if you have too.

Mistake Number Nine: Not Having A Security Plugin

While a reliable hosting provider will keep the server your website is on, secure, hackers can use vulnerabilities of WordPress itself or do all sorts of attacks on the front end of your site. So, you’d want to install a security plugin like Wordfence that has a built-in firewall and will scan your website from malware and more.

Mistake Number Ten: Change Your Domain Name

Changing your domain name is not recommended because it can massively hurt your SEO. Google themselves are telling you to avoid doing that unless you have to. Changing your domain without doing proper 301 redirects and without appropriate planning are substantial common mistakes a site can do. Make sure you prepare your website for that considerable change and consult an SEO expert on how to get the traffic back and minimize losses.

Mistake Number Eleven: Not Setting Up An SEO Plugin

Writing helpful content is one of the most important aspects of making money online with a blog or website. But, if you’re not using a useful SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, you’ll have a problem keeping track of the keywords you want to rank for and get to the first page of Google. The plugin also helps you with readability. For example, sentence length, passive voice, transition words, paragraph length, and more tips that’ll help to make your post easy to read.

In Conclusion

We’ve put up many mistakes you can avoid while making your first website. We hope we helped you out and that you’ll succeed in your journey in making money online and helping other people. Thank you for reading.

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