Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder

One of the best virtues of Elementor is its broad compatibility with 3rd party free & paid add-ons. In other words, you can fully customize the page builder even without buying the pro version. So if you don’t know what Elementor is, it’s a drag-and-drop visual page builder that allows you to create and design websites. Let’s make a brief tutorial on what Elementor can do and how to install it before we list the add-ons.

What Is Elementor

Once you’ve purchased hosting and domain name and installed WordPress, you have to design your website. If you don’t know how to start a website, read our guide here. And if you’re having a bad experience using WordPress and want to read our guide particularly detailing how to use WordPress, click here. To customize the design of a website, you have to install a theme (there is one that comes by default, but you’d want to change that.)

While a WordPress-theme is the “skeleton” of your basic design, where you’ll customize your header, footer, and essential elements, a page builder allows you to create the pages themselves individually with high customizability. The process of using the theme customizer can be intimidating for beginners because it’s not as visual and not drag and drop. There is a way you can use the page builder solely, by purchasing the pro version, you can customize the header and footer with Elementor pro so that the theme limitations won’t affect you.

How To Install Elementor

how to install Elementor on WordPress.
Downloading Elementor is super easy!

To install Elementor, hover over the Plugins button on the left of your dashboard, and then click Add New, and type “Elementor” in the search bar. Click install, wait a couple of seconds for the plugin to install and later on the same button you’ll see “activate” instead. Activate the plugin, and then you can edit each page you want in the “Pages” section. You’ll have an “Edit with Elementor” button. We will make a guide in the future on how to use Elementor.

What Are Add-Ons & Which Are The Best

First of all, let’s explain what add-ons can and can’t do. The pro version of Elementor allows you to customize the header and footer without a theme, create pop-ups, and have more elements than the free version. Some add-ons give you their designs for pop-ups, headers, and footers, but you won’t be able to use them unless you have the pro version. However, what they will give you if you use the free version only, are new elements that the pro version maybe doesn’t have or similar to pro elements, and new blocks and templates.

Once you add an add-on (just like any other plugin) it integrates with Elementor smoothly and will look like it’s a part of Elementor and not an additional plugin. So developers can add new elements and features that the core Elementor doesn’t have. But if there are things only the pro version supports, you won’t be able to use them unless you have the pro version. You can read the full comparison here and decide for yourself. You can download each add-on like you’ve downloaded Elementor because they are plugins as well. If you are too lazy to do so, click on the subtitle of each add-on we listed, we put links there 🙂

Best Free Add-Ons For Elementor

Elementor pro elements
Here are all the pro elements you’ll get with the pro version.

We will list the free add-ons/free version of paid add-ons for Elementor first, and then we will talk about some of the ones that cost money.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an amazing free add on for Elementor
21 page templates for one website!

This add-on gives you full template kits and blocks you can use. At the moment of writing, they have 95 Free template kits, over 1662 individual responsive page templates. And also 614 free Responsive Block Templates. So the fact that you get that much for free is impressive. If you are a web design agency or even want to find a fresh design to your website that you can customize, you have come to the right place. Most of the time, the quality of the blocks and templates are even superior to what Elementor gives you. Elementor by default only gives you basic blocks and one-page layouts, while Envato gives you full-blown template website for you to use.

HT Mega

The best Free add-on for Elementor
You can see HT Mega elements on the left. They look like Elementor elements. They fully integrate with the page builder.

HT Mega is an entirely free package that includes 360 blocks and 80+ widgets. So they have many elements the core Elementor don’t have, and if you want extra functionality, it’s a must! They update the plugin regularly (lifetime updates.) And on top of that have 15 landing page templates for you to use.

Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

This free plugin lets you design headers and footers. (it’s great if you have Elementor pro, else, you can’t use it.) So if you want a custom made header & footer without the theme limitations, this is a great solution. They mentioned that the plugin works best with those themes:

  1. Astra.
  2. Neve.
  3. Hestia.
  4. GeneratePress.
  5. OceanWP.
  6. Genesis.
  7. Phlox.

Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite

This plugin is mainly suited for WooCommerce websites. It adds various functionality for free, such as product categories, new products, best selling products, featured products, and more. If you build your online store with Elementor, Sizzify lite can be a valuable asset because of the functionality it offers.

NavMenu Addon For Elementor

This plugin allows you to customize your navigation menu and add functionality to it. So it’s best if you have a large website with multiple categories and want to customize your main menu on the site.

Premium Addons Free

The free version of this add-on pack comes with tons of new features for you to use. For example, they give you 22 elements: media grid, pricing table, carousel, banner, modal box, dual heading, video box, and more for free! Because they offer that much value for free, it’s worth checking what you’ll get with the pro version. Continue reading to find out.

Best Paid Add-Ons For Elementor

We will list the paid add-ons for Elementor/the paid versions of free add-ons. But remember that if you have the pro version of Elementor, you can use the full features the add-ons give you. While if you don’t have the pro version, you’ll miss out of functionality.

Premium Addons Pro

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder
his image is an example of a pro element. The flip box widget allows you to create stunning photos, and if you hover over the picture, it flips in 3D to the other side. A cool effect.

The pro version of premium add-ons gives you 29 more elements. For instance, you’ll get Facebook reviews, Google reviews, content switch, image comparison, charts, tabs, and more. So you can go to their website on the link we provided and see a demo of each element. In other words, you can see what you’re paying for before buying.

Best Paid Add-Ons For Elementor with cheap prices.
Pricing tiers for premium addons pro.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor

The best paid add-ons for Elementor
One of the amazing elements you’ll get. The toggle element allows you to toggle between different features, prices, and more.
Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 1
Customize your blog posts as you like.

This magnificent pack of add-ons gives you fantastic value and functionality for your website. They are also the ones behind one of the most if not the most popular theme on WordPress – Astra. In other words, this is a highly reputable company, and if you want the best possible for your website, check them out! They are probably our favorites and top recommendation.

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 3
The pricing tiers of ultimate add-ons for Elementor.

Elementor Pro

The official pro version of Elementor is essential if you want to have a serious business with a unique style. In other words, the pro version of Elementor gives you must-have functionality that you would pay a lot more on other places. Like we mentioned before, the pro version gives you full control over the header & footer, without theme limitations and without the need to buy a paid theme in addition to the page builder. You’ll have a full-blown popup builder in Elementor. The popup builder alone will cost you extra money if you’ve decided to get it somewhere else. You will get 300+ Pro Templates & Blocks, and they are adding new ones all the time.

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 5
A tiny fraction of the features you’ll get with Elementor pro.
Furthermore, you’ll get integrations with all kinds of software like email marketing software. You’ll get e-commerce widgets and integration with the WooCommerce plugin. All in all, we can say that you’re getting a TON of functionality with the pro version that you might find helpful if you’re planning to have a large business and not a tiny blog.
Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 7
The pricing tiers of Elementor pro.


Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 9
An example of a slide left menu.

With over 55+ Widgets, PowerPack offers an excellent deal for features to Elementor. They provide fantastic contact forms that are compatible with contact forms such as contact form 7, WP forms, ninja forms, caldera forms, and gravity forms. PowerPack also have WooCommerce widgets, and a lot of creative widgets like Instagram feed, logo carousel, promo box, and more.

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor Page Builder 11
The pricing tiers of PowerPack.

Best Free & Paid Add-Ons For Elementor- In Conclusion

We listed our best recommendations for the best paid and free add-ons that’ll make Elementor amazing! Because you have a wide variety to choose from, be sure to thoroughly check everything and decide which plugins you want to purchase/install. Furthermore, most add-ons don’t worth buying unless you have Elementor pro. Buy only things that you must get for your needs. In conclusion, Elementor can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it. If you want to check out another great page builder called Brizy which is also free, click here to read our review. Thank you for reading!

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