Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site

Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site

Building a website requires a lot of work and can cost you a lot of money if you don’t manage it correctly. Therefore, you have to know exactly which tools you must use and which are privileges. There is also terrible software out there as well, and we want to help you cut costs, and take just what you need for your website to run efficiently. We will list the best products worth getting for your site in our honest opinion. We will arrange them in order from the first day of your website, to when your site has tens of thousands of page views every month.

Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site: The Best And Fastest Web Hosting

Before you even consider starting a website, you have to have hosting. A hosting company will save all of the data of your website on the cloud through one of their servers. That is why you have to understand that each blog post, image, video, page, is taking space just like in a computer. Because everything takes space, you need an excellent place to store all of that information and load it to your visitors very fast. One of the best (if not the best) hosting platforms in the world is SiteGround. Because they are fast and if you have a problem you can submit a ticket, call them, or chat with them. All support is, of course, 24/7.

SiteGround is the best hosting company worth getting for every site
Choose WordPress hosting and start your website already!

After you sign in, you will have an instant one-click install of WordPress, and also free encryption, optimization tool for speed, Backups, and more. The price is just $5.95/mo, which is extremely cheap. If you want to build more websites, you can. There isn’t any limitation, and the price will stay the same. The only thing you’ll need to buy is another domain name for each new website. You can click here to sign up.

How To Get A Logo For Free

A logo for your website is a must-have. Various software that can make you logos, which costs money, but they aren’t products worth getting either. If you want you can buy logos for cheap through Fiverr, or make your logo on your own. If you’re going to make your logo on your own though, there are two websites we recommend. Canva and Hatchful they are both free. We think Hatchful is slightly better because it makes logos tailor-made for your type of business and auto-generate them.

Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site 1
Create your logo for your business in a couple of minutes for free.

Best Themes For Your WordPress Website

Choosing a theme is one of the first steps about designing your website. If you have bought a page builder, or planning to use a free one, you don’t have to purchase a theme. There are two great free themes. Astra is a theme built for speed and efficiency. It’s one of the best out there. OceanWP is the theme we use; it’s as good as Astra but less lightweight and has a bit more functionality. Both WordPress-themes have paid versions, but you don’t need them.

If you are using the paid version of either Elementor or Brizy, you can download the Hello theme from elementor which is just a blank page. It’s very light, no header or footer. You build everything with the page builder. Traditionally you would design the header and footer within the theme customizer, and the pages themselves in the page builder.

To download themes, you need to go to Appearance – Themes and search for the theme you need. After that, download a page builder: go to Plugins – Add New and search for the plugin you need. Edit your theme: go to Appearance – Customizer. To edit a page with the page builder go to a specific page, and you’ll have an edit button.

Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site: Keyword Tools

Before you can start writing blog posts, you have to find keywords that you can begin rank for as a new website. There are many free and paid keyword tools, but we don’t use them. Those aren’t products worth buying for your site in our opinion. The three tools we mainly use are Google Trends, Google, and Google Keyword Planner. We have a full guide on how to find keywords here, but we will tell you the strategy in short:

  1. We use Google trends to find trending topics by typing different keywords in our niche. After we found unique keywords that have enough popularity and we can write blog posts about, we go to Google itself.
  2. In Google, we type the keyword and let autocomplete narrow down the topic to be more specific. That way, the keyword becomes a long-tailed keyword. Google knows what people are searching for and shows that in the autocomplete feature for other people to be able to search for what they wanted quickly and easily.
  3. Now for the last step, we type ‘enter’ to see the actual search results. We want to see we have low competition — small websites, forums, blogs, etc. We use Google Keyword Planner mainly for paid traffic, so if you’re doing SEO, it isn’t a necessity.

Best Products Worth Getting For Every Site: The Best Grammar Checker

Ok, you have a website now, so don’t be lazy, start writing! How many times have you read an article only to find some spelling mistakes, repetitive writing, punctuation mistakes, and more? It can be unprofessional, and if you are serious about making money online make sure you are writing quality articles free of errors. A great tool that can help you with Grammar is called Grammarly. Instead of manually searching for mistakes, the software does the job for you. All you have to do is go through the listed errors and let the software fix them, or fix them manually. The basic Grammarly package is free, and if you are not a professional writer, consider buying the pro version, which can help you more. You can get it here.

Grammarly is a great Grammar checker worth getting for every site
The differences between the free and pro version

The free version is kind of like the built-in speller on your computer (when you right-click and manually choose the right word.) In Grammarly, it’s simpler because it highlights the word you have misspelled, you left-click it, and Grammarly already knows what’s the right word. What you need to do is left-click on it again. It will also help you with critical punctuation like missing a period. The pro version adds many features on top of the basic ones. You can read all of the premium features in the image above. There is one premium feature we feel like needs some explaining which is plagiarism. When you write a piece of content, Google will check how unique it is; you don’t want unoriginal articles. You generally don’t want more than 2% plagiarism in your post.

Stock Images For Free

We wrote an article on that matter; you can check it here if you want. We will list some here as well. Unsplash, Pexels, Canva, Pixabay are great sites for stock photos in high definition. An important thing to look for is licenses. You don’t want to get caught in legal trouble because not every image you can modify, for example. We listed the license types in our article mentioned above. All of the sites we have mentioned are free. We don’t see any reason for you to pay on images. Stock images subscriptions are not the best products worth getting for your site because there are hundreds of thousands of free photos in high quality out there.

Email Marketing Software For A Small Business

If you are entirely new and have a tight budget, for instance, you should consider using mailerlite. You can have up to 1000 subscribers in the free version, and send up to 12,000 emails. But the only downside is that you’ll have limited functionality. Therefore, you should go to their page here and see if that fits your business well.

If you already have a small sustainable business or reached 1000 subscribers already, mailerlite is not one of the products worth getting for your site though because it lacks necessary functionality. Instead, you would want to use GetResponse, which is way better. If you can afford it, you should buy GetResponse from the get-go if you want to avoid the problems you would have from changing platforms.

GetResponse is the best all in one email marketing software worth getting for every site
GetResponse is an all-in-one solution.

GetResponse is an all-in-one solution. It is both an email marketing tool, a landing page builder, and funnel builder. You can create an online store within the platform and connect the products that you’re selling to your Paypal, stripe, and more within GetResponse as well. After that, you can create a sales funnel or landing page, send an email, and more. So you don’t have to buy additional software for sales funnels like the expensive ClickFunnels. We will make a tutorial on how to use this software soon, so don’t worry. You can get by just fine with the least costly 15$ plan and sign up for free for 30 days.

Writing Outsourcing

Writing at least 3-4 articles per week is necessary for your business but also time-consuming. You would want to outsource your content as much as possible and spend your time managing your business and create more businesses. There are many websites from which you can hire writers. Our best pick is iwriter. You can choose precisely the type of content you need, and pay based on both the writers ranking and length of the article. You can sign up for iwriter for free here.

Create eBooks And eBook Covers In Minutes

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to outsource the eBook writing and also the cover and design, you can purchase a software called Sqribble. This tool allows you to auto-generate an eBook based on existing content (paste the URL in the software.) It comes with hundreds of pre-made templates and covers. You can sell them, for example, give them as a lead magnet, or even start a freelancer eBook business. Furthermore, you can make book covers or an actual full eBook for clients. Click here to get Sqribble.

How To Sell A Digital Course

One of the best platforms to create digital courses is called Teachable. It’s not that costly if you can sell your program because you get that return on investment. There are many other platforms which you can use to sell a digital course. You can try Udemy as well. Udemy is great because they do the marketing for you. The more people who’ll like your programs and rank it, the most likely you’ll be at the front page when people search for topics. The most money you’ll ever make from your website would be from a digital course.

Plugins For Selling Digital And Physical Products

If you want to have a digital store and sell products, you can do that. You can sell products that you have or make an e-commerce store. The best plugin for e-commerce is WooCommerce because it’s free and well supported. You can buy added plugins and functionality if you need. There are many sites you can drop ship products from; the most well known is Ali Express. However, if you want to sell digital products, we recommend that you use a different plugin. The plugin is called Easy Digital Downloads, and it’s made especially for digital products.

The difference between those two plugins is that with WooCommerce, the buyer needs to fill out a lot of information like billing address and other things for the product to arrive at the correct destination. In Easy Digital Downloads, the buyer only needs to enter his credit card or PayPal, and that’s it. That is a way more accessible and shorter process for the buyer.

Best Products Worth Getting For Your Site: In Conclusion

We listed a lot of great products we use for our business that are worth getting for your site. Some of them are free, for some you have to pay, but all of them are worth getting because we have a great experience with them. Always make sure you check every product before you buy it, and choose the best pricing option that is compatible with your business. If you want some free video training about building niche websites, be sure to check WealthyAffiliate here.

Get the best add-ons, plugins, and products that will make your website awesome, more appealing to your users and of course will make you more money!
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