17 Best SEO Plugins For Your Website

17 Best SEO Plugins For Your Website

SEO is a necessary part of the process of promoting any website. Provided that your site is appropriately optimized, search networks will give it a good increase in traffic and, consequently, increase positions in search results. If your ‘site’s engine is WordPress, then there are some excellent plugins to help you optimize your website.

One of the reasons webmasters and bloggers like WordPress so much is its open-source code and the ability to adapt the platform to a wide variety of needs. Also, you have at your disposal more than 100 thousand plugins and themes, which makes this site’s engine the best. This post will focus on search engine optimization for WordPress.

We have compiled a list of the most popular and useful SEO plugins that you can use in WordPress. WordPress plugins for SEO allow you to add meta tags automatically, speed up page loading, fix redirect errors, optimize images, etc. In total, there are more than 54,000 pieces of SEO plugins, choosing the most suitable and sufficient for your SEO needs may seem a little tedious.

Fortunately, our recommendations will cover several SEO plugins: from general universal to those designed for more specific tasks. Before we begin, we would like to note that each of the listed plugins has its particular duties. And its appropriate usage, so decides for yourself which one best suits your tasks and is suitable for your site. So let’s get started.

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Why should you install SEO plugins for WordPress? 

A plugin is a small program that has auxiliary functions. Such modules expand the capabilities of the main program, in our case, the WordPress engine. For this content management system, there are many plugins developed not only by professional engineers but also by ordinary users. Plugins are highly specialized programs, and they implement individual functions and features of the engine.

Multifunctional plugins are very rare, and there is no need for them. It will be most acceptable to install three plugins that implement different functions than to install a three-in-one plugin and use only one purpose. And the other two will only aggravate the system. Also, a pleasant point is a fact that all plugins built into the WordPress engine are in a separate folder, which eliminates the need for reinstallation after installing a new version of CMS. There are several cases where plugins can help: 

  • generate an XML sitemap; 
  • transliterate for automatic URL generation; 
  • create accelerated AMP pages; 
  • correctly configure server redirects; 
  • add meta tags title, description, keywords; 
  • optimize image names and sizes; 
  • use caching to speed up resource loading; 
  • add the Nofollow attribute to external hyperlinks so that they do not transmit the reference weight. 

Useful WordPress plugins

The choice of plugins depends on what version of WordPress your site is using, its download speed, the number of media files, and other parameters that need to be optimized. You can download both free WordPress plugins and premium versions with advanced functionality. Usually, when creating a site, users add a multifunctional SEO plugin and add extensions that solve specific tasks essential to the project. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO – developed by the Dutchman Joost de Valk – is a real star among profile plugins. It is extremely popular for meeting SEO needs and is suitable for both beginners and experienced optimizers. Yoast is easy to use and intuitive, allowing anyone to work with it. Its proprietary Traffic Light system provides a detailed user guide that is great for beginners in SEO. And this is a powerful, continually evolving SEO plugin that solves all the main tasks of optimization, both articles, and the general structure.

The plugin features include over 40 settings, including setting up blog headings, articles, categories, pages, media files, and tons of other parameters. The only drawback of this SEO plugin is that sometimes, it does not analyze the entire page. If, for example, part of the content for a particular page is located elsewhere in the CMS. And this in itself is not a problem, but it can make customers nervous when they see a lot of red warnings. The plugin has been installed more than five million times and translated into 40 languages. Features of the free version of the plugin:

  • creating an XML map of the project;
  • setting canonical page addresses to avoid duplication of content; 
  • meta tag templates; 
  • tools for writing SEO texts; 
  • display snippets in preview mode; 
  • integration with Google Analytics, etc. 

Additional features of the premium version of the plugin: 

  • Yoast SEO extension with other News SEO, Video SEO, etc. plugins; 
  • free technical support throughout the year; 
  • tools for managing key phrases – the selection of synonyms, similar keys; 
  • hints for internal linking; 
  • preview mode on social networks, which allows you to find out how the page will look when it is shared, etc.

All In One SEO Pack 

The All in One SEO Pack plugin is a popular alternative to Yoast SEO and is older, so this plugin had a lot of fans in the early years. It provides the same SEO tools and features as Yoast, but the consensus is that the All in One SEO Pack is slightly less user-friendly than its main competitor.

Although All In One SEO Pack is more meager in terms of functionality, it requires a minimum of configuration. On the other hand, if you want to use the full potential of the plugin, for a beginner, All In One SEO Pack is too stingy for clarifications. For many, this is the main argument in favor of the Dutch product.

Essentially, if you understand what you can do by yourself, then you need a minimum from such plugins. Because it’s more reliable to do the main work on SEO optimization with your own hands. But if you compare the actual capabilities of the two mentioned plugins, without a doubt, the work of the Yoast team is much more functional. Features of the free version of the plugin: 

  • XML sitemap; 
  • support for AMP technology to speed up site loading;
  • integration with Google Analytics; 
  • support for Open Graph layouts to improve the appearance of pages when reposting in social networks; 
  • API for expanding functionality with other plugins;
  • automatic notification of search engines about changes in the project; 
  • SEO integration for e-commerce sites; 
  • automatic optimization of headers; 
  • automatic generation of meta tags.

Additional features of the premium version of the plugin: 

  • extended support for WooCommerce;
  • SEO for product categories and tags; 
  • SEO video module; 
  • access to technical support forums; 
  • access to the Knowledge Center.

The SEO Framework 

The SEO Framework is an alternative to Yoast and All in One SEO Pack. It provides an automated and quick solution to SEO issues, plus it is brandless, which means a clean interface. It’s hard not to notice that The SEO Framework plugin is very similar to Yoast SEO. However, The SEO Framework has a set of free features.

Also, the SEO Framework does not have intrusive weekly updates and a constant emphasis on buying a pro version, which Yoast SEO has recently suffered. This particular plugin is not as convenient as Yoast; it is quite tricky to use. Accordingly, for this plugin, you must have at least basic knowledge in the field of SEO. In short, use Yoast if you are a newbie, but if you have basic knowledge, The SEO Framework Plugin is a good alternative. Features of the free version of the plugin:

  • generation of breadcrumbs for Google search – a chain of movements from the main category to subcategories and a specific page; 
  • creation of an XML-card and auto-notification of search engines about changes on the site; 
  • automatic creation of title and description following the recommendations of Google;
  • support for Open Graph layouts to improve the appearance of pages when reposting in social networks; 
  • auto-generation of canonical pages to avoid problems with duplication of content; 
  • disabling indexing of empty categories, etc. 

Additional features of the premium version of the plugin: 

  • increased limits for simultaneous connection of sites; 
  • premium extensions; 
  • API access limits are increasing.

W3 total cache 

Website performance and its SEO characteristics are interdependent. For a qualitatively optimized site, it is crucial to have a user-friendly interface, high download speed, and a minimum of errors. And to control these indicators, the W3 Total Cache plugin was created, which successfully copes with the set goals:

  • improves page ranking, especially for mobile-friendly sites and resources using SSL; 
  • caches pages in the browser for instant display;
  • improves site performance; 
  • reduces page loading time; compresses HTML, JS, and CSS codes support AMP pages; 
  • acts as a CDN, etc.


Setting up redirects for broken links or remote pages is a crucial factor in maintaining a reliable user interface. Redirection is a useful SEO plugin that allows you to process all types of redirects from one easily accessible place. Quickly creates new redirects, manages the current ones, and corrects any minor omissions. 

  • Avoids errors associated with the 404 error (“Page not found”), and improve the project rating; 
  • using the plugin, you can configure any number of redirects on the site; 
  • Compatible with PHP from 5.4. Version and higher. 

Google XML Sitemaps 

An XML sitemap helps search engines crawl your site. As a rule, to improve the position of the site, it is worth doing everything that makes life easier for search robots. The SEO plugin Google XML Sitemaps allows you to quickly and easily create a sitemap without using third-party tools. Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin designed to generate an XML sitemap that improves search engine indexing of a resource: 

  • installed more than two million times; 
  • translated into 23 languages; 
  • compatible with WordPress sites from version 3.3.

The AMP for WP

Knowing the news about the Google index for mobile devices, and the fact that more than half of website traffic occurs through mobile devices. You need to speed up mobile pages if you have not already done so. The Mobile Page Acceleration Project (AMP for short) is an open-source initiative that provides an easy way to create web pages that load quickly and smoothly on mobile devices. The AMP for WP SEO plugin automatically adds accelerated mobile page functionality to your website, making it faster for mobile users. And this will save you a lot of trouble. Additional features of the premium version of the plugin:

  • automatic conversion of forms; 
  • Schema.org markup support 
  • extended support for WooCommerce; 
  • sending custom events to Google Analytics; 
  • Google Tag Manager support; 
  • multilingual support, etc.


Cloudflare is a plugin for easy integration with the cloud-based networking platform of the same name. To use the plugin, you need to create an account on Cloudflare.com. This cloud service serves as a CDN, allows you to protect your site from hacker attacks and speed uploading. You can choose free or paid tariff plans.  


MetaSlider – is a plugin for quickly creating SEO-optimized slide shows:

  • about a million plugin installations; 
  • compatible with PHP from version 5.2 and higher;
  • when creating a slideshow, allows you to drag and drop images from the media library and fill in SEO fields (Title and Alt); 
  • various slide show design options are available. 

Media File Renamer 

Media File Renamer (Auto Rename) – SEO WordPress plugin that automatically renames media files for search promotion. The plugin automatically renames media files based on their headers. You can block the renaming process using a small icon.

Spider Blocker 

Spider Blocker – a plugin that allows you to block the most common bots that slow down the server:

  • works for Apache servers with mod_rewrite enabled;
  • compatible with WordPress from version 4.0; 
  • modifies the .htaccess file.

Nofollow for external link 

Nofollow for the external link is a simple SEO plugin for WordPress that automatically adds the Nofollow attribute to all external links: 

  • the reference weight will not be transferred to other resources; 
  • you can add exclusion sites for which connections will not be closed from robots; 
  • all links will open in a new window, leaving the user access to the source site.

Lazy load by WP Rocket 

Lazy load by WP Rocket – a plugin that speeds up site loading due to delayed loading of images: 

  • the plugin slows the loading of thumbnails, images, and other content until the user sees them, which speeds up the loading of the visible part of the page;
  • compatible with WordPress versions 4.7 and higher;
  • Suitable for PHP from 5.6 version. 

Wp-rocket.me is a paid version of the plugin that supports additional functions for optimizing site speed, for example, page caching, CDN, font optimization for Google, and more. 


Akismet is the most popular anti-spam comment plugin and is useful in dealing with these weird comments. From an SEO perspective, it stops the potentially dangerous links appearing in the comments on your site. If there are a lot of such links, your site may cause suspicion. Because although the links are in the comments, they are posted on your website. 

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) 

Search engines take into account how quickly users leave your site. Therefore, it is worth spending time trying to reduce the overall failure rate. You must provide clear calls for action and invite users to go somewhere when they finish their activities on a specific page. For blog content, related posts are ideal for keeping users on the site longer. Ideally, this functionality should be integrated into the web design of your blog. However, if not already, then Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a convenient alternative, it uses an algorithm to determine the most effective related messages. Great for user retention and lower bounce rates.

WPS Hide Login 

WPS Hide Login is a WordPress plugin that will help improve the security of your website on WP. Most sites, by default, have access to the admin panel at / wp-admin (or /wp-login.php). And this is used by cybercriminals who, given an insecure username/password combination, can reach your site’s admin panel using an ordinary brute. This WordPress plugin replaces the standard access URL (/ wp-admin) with anyone you want, and at the same time, redirects the standard URL to 404 pages (by default) or any user-specified. 

Rel NoFollow Checkbox 

When referring to other sites, it is essential to remember that these links mean a lot to Google. When referring to websites to which you do not want to transfer the link weight, you should close the links with the Nofollow tag. And the easiest way to do this is to install the WordPress plugin called Rel NoFollow Checkbox. With it, you no longer need to register a tag in the HTML code – mark the link as nofollow using the checkbox


SEO plugins are useful tools to avoid mistakes in the promotion and optimize your site on WordPress CMS with minimal effort. All considered plugins are offered in free versions so that they can be installed and tested without payment. When installing extensions, you should pay attention to the already installed plugins, the release of WordPress, PHP, and, in some cases, to the resource server to avoid conflicts between them.

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