Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder?

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder?

Brizy is a new page builder made for WordPress. Page builders became more dominant over the years. And, with the rise of the likes of Elementor, there isn’t a question whether you should use one. We honestly don’t think you should buy a pro version. Unless you build websites for clients or you want specific functionality that doesn’t exist is the free version. If you have a small blog, then you don’t need all the bells and whistles. If you have a business, big website, E-commerce website, or a web design agency, it’s worth it.

Is The Pro Version Of Brizy Page Builder Worth It?

First of all, let’s discuss the Brizy pro version that costs money. We will see if the paid version is worth it or not, based on the different competition and the value the page builders give you.

Brizy Pricing VS The Competition

We made our website with the OceanWP theme and the free version of Elementor. OceanWP provides us with great functionality over the header and footer. And Elementor helps us design the pages how we like.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro (the paid version) lets you create the header and footer without a theme, meaning you can customize them within the page builder. You can also make pop-ups without an additional plugin that’ll cost you more money. You’ll also have many more elements that you can use, and more templates to use.

That pleasure will cost you 49 dollars per year for one site and 199 dollars per year for 1000 websites. So if you aren’t a web design freelancer or agency, We don’t think it is worth it. Divi and Brizy, on the other hand, offer lifetime subscriptions which are far more attractive.

Elementor page builder doesn't offer a lifetime subscription like the Brizy page builder
With so much premium features like WooCommerce builder and popup builder other page builders don’t have, it’s a shame Elementor don’t include a lifetime plan.


While Divi offers a lifetime plan that’s worth getting because you get the Divi theme for free and many more bonuses and plugins, you should only buy it if you’re a designer, in that case, it’s worth it.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 1
You’re paying 249 dollars, and the license is yours for a lifetime including updates and the ability to use it on unlimited sites.

Brizy offers a great life plan as well, but because it’s a new page builder, Divi has the more enticing package here. We hope that Brizy will keep evolving, and then the lifetime plan will be worth it.

Brizy Page Builder pricing.
A little pricier than Divi, and in due time will be worth the price.

So in conclusion, if Elementor had a life plan, it would be a winner because it has the most amount of functionality at the moment. Right now Divi is winning because it’s a little cheaper and has more value based on what you’re paying. Brizy Pro does worth buying because we think that soon it would be better than Divi and the lifetime pricing won’t be there forever. The question is if you are willing to wait to get more pro features in the future.

We will leave links to all of them here: Brizy, Elementor, Divi. Make your own decision about what’s best for you and your business. Of course, there are more page builders, but we think those are the best three right now. If you want some web design guidance when you first start, check our short blog post about design guidelines here.

Brizy Pro VS Brizy Free

We talked about the pricing of Brizy pro versus the competition, now let’s dive deep into what exactly Brizy Pro is offering, and allow you to decide whether you should buy it or not. Let’s see a review of all of the free vs. pro features:

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 3
Builder and Design features.
Brizy pro page builder features
Dynamic and Marketing.

As you can see, there is a lot of extra functionality with the pro version of Brizy. We want to list the most important ones and give a little more detailed explanation:

  • Header & Footer – just like Elementor, you can design your header and footer with Brizy. No need for a theme. They also provide blocks for headers and footers for you to use.
  • Pop-up Builder – This is another feature that was exclusive to Elementor. You can make pop-ups on your website.
  • Role Manager – If you have multiple designers that work for you, you can restrict the access they have when editing.
  • Premium Layouts – The pro version has over 150 pro layouts and blocks. The free version comes just with blocks. It has 89 different blocks. Combined on the pro version you have 200 + designs you can use.
  • Integration – The pro version can integrate with many of the most popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, and more.

Which One You Honestly Need

For a simple WordPress blog, you won’t need all of those features. For any other type of website, those features can add significant value. The reason we don’t use it at the moment is that we are working to shift the site to using Brizy page builder, that means changing almost everything except maybe the blog. We prefer working on making great content right now because it’s a new website.

An Important Note To Our Readers

To all of our readers who have a new website, you don’t need to buy a pro version right away. Try playing with the free versions of the builders and choose the one you’re most comfortable using. When your site will grow, and you’ll need all of that extra functionality, buy the pro version. In the meantime, the most important thing you must do is create a lot of content.

Don’t try to include marketing at all for the first half year. Google won’t get much traffic for your site, in the beginning, so instead of creating an average amount of content and try to market it and use social media, email marketing, paid ads, etc. Drive all of your focus towards creating content. Have at least 40-50 blog posts before starting your marketing strategy. When Google sees you’re working hard, it will reward you with traffic. Trying to market a brand new site that won’t get much traffic anyway on purpose is a beginners mistake. If you outsource your content, though, you can try and boost your traffic through social media. But if you’re doing all the work yourself, creating content is the most important thing you have to do.

Brizy Page Builder – Free Version

Now it’s time to talk about the free version of Brizy. In general, we think that Brizy is the most straightforward page builder to use. It’s much more intuitive than Elementor and Divi. You have to use it to understand for yourself. The downside of Brizy is that unlike Elementor, it doesn’t have many third-party integrations.

Elementor has amazing third-party integrations for free. You can add extra elements and templates, designs and blocks for free from other companies that provide them like Evanto Elements, for instance. So you have only 89 blocks to work with, and no templates whatsoever. For a beginner that doesn’t have enough experience, that can be rough working without enough source material.

On the bright side, Brizy is much easier to use, it feels buttery smooth, and everything seems to work as you want. On the other hand, in Elementor, the experience isn’t always great, and some things won’t work as you like. In Divi, its love it or hate it. We don’t like the page builder’s layout and design. It feels bloated and messy in our honest opinion.

Unique Features That Makes Brizy Amazing

Reorder Blocks

There is a section solely dedicated to blocks. From there you can reorder blocks easily without going all over the page, and you can also delete the block from there. On other page builders, if you want to drag a block from the bottom of the page to the top, you need to do it manually. Go all the way to the bottom, grab it, and move it up across the page. The fact that you have a convenient “eagle view” on the entire page is excellent.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 5
Drag and drop.

Dark Theme

Every block available has a light and dark theme, which is unique to Brizy. A block can look significantly different in dark mode than in the regular light mode.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 7
All blocks have light and dark styles.

Global Blocks

You can make a block global very quickly. In other words, this block will appear automatically on any page you have. That way, you don’t have to create that block again for a different page. You can also save blocks that you’ve made and you can upload and use them again on a separate page.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 9
Make a block global in three clicks of a button.


Brizy helps you not to get lost. For example, you can right click on any part of the page to see what element you’re seeing. On that same menu, you can also copy the item, duplicate it, and paste its style. If you’ve customized a specific button for example and need another one that looks the same, you can either replicate it or drag the default button element. Then right click – paste style and the changes you’ve made to the button you copied will apply to the new one.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 11
We can see that the element we’re standing on with the mouse is a spacer.


There are over 4000 different icons that you can use in Brizy. For example, buttons, products, and other things. The images look excellent and professional.

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 13
Choose your category.

Global Styling

You can make changes to the default colors that you’ll see when changing colors to different elements. You can also change the default size, weight, height, space, and font for the text of paragraphs, headers, buttons for mobile tablet and desktop, individually.

Brizy page builder styling
Changing the default styling is easy.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Brizy is a great page builder for beginners that have great imagination and can do designs from scratch. Furthermore, we think the user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. However, it doesn’t have great third-party support that Elementor has. If you want to check our best 3rd part plugins for Elementor, click here. But in time this page builder will get bigger and better. If you want more templates, blocks, and elements from third party companies and install different solutions right into Elementor without buying the pro version you can do that as well, and not all of them will even cost you money. That is something you can’t do with Brizy at the moment. We think Brizy is fantastic, but it’s up to you to try them both and decide who you’ll like most. Thank you very much for reading!

Brizy Page Builder Review: The Best Free Page Builder? 15
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