Elementor 2.6 – What’s New

Elementor 2.6 – What’s New

Elementor 2.6 adds tons of new features to the core experience. We love Elementor because right now it’s the most expandable and compatible page builder out there. There are so many great 3rd party plugins that integrate with Elementor and can bring a lot of new functionality to the plugin. If you want to learn more about 3rd party plugins that you can add to Elementor, click here to read our article about the subject. And if you love using Elementor but didn’t upgrade to the advanced pro version, click here to see all the things to get from upgrading. Now let’s talk about what’s new in the 2.6 version upgrade. We have a lot to unpack.

Font Awesome 5

Elementor has a whole new icon library now. To upgrade from font-awesome 4 to 5, you need to edit a page in Elementor, go to an icon box that you already have, or add one.  Then you’ll get the following message:

Elementor 2.6 new icon library

Now click on Update, and after that, you’ll get to this screen:

Font awesome upgrade Elementor 2.6

If you go to another screen, you can go back to it by going to Elementor – Tools – Font Awesome Upgrade. After you make the update, this section will disappear. Keep in mind that this is irreversible, and maybe you’ll want to make a backup beforehand. Now you can go back to a particular page, edit it with Elementor, and you’ll see tons of new icons. Over 1500 images to be precise. It looks like this:

Elementor 2.6 icons

Upload SVG Files

Another thing you can do with the latest Elementor 2.6 icon library is to upload SVG files. If you want custom icons you’ve found online, you can upload them. Make sure you scan the SVG with an antivirus before you upload it because hackers can inject malicious code to the file. You can see how to add an SVG file in the picture below.

Elementor 2.6 - What's New 1

You can upload SVG files to the following elements: button, accordion, icon box, icon list, social icons, toggle, call to action, reviews, flip box, form, price table, post info, sitemap.

More Options To The Navigator

To use the navigator, you can right-click at any place on the editor and click ‘Navigator.’ Alternatively, you can click on the second-left icon at the bottom of the editor. There is a new feature which allows you to see unique configurations like custom positioning, custom CSS, motion effects, and more. So you can edit those settings straight from the navigator, which makes the editing way more manageable. The navigator allows you to go to any section of the page quickly. It’s the “eagle-view” of your website.

Elementor 2.6 - What's New 3

Better Support For Elementor 2.6

You can now go to the specific video guide from Elementor in any section and Element you’re editing. In anything you select, you can click on “Need Help” and go to the official Elementor guides.

For example, We edited a button element and clicked on the “Need Help”:

Elementor 2.6 - What's New 5

And after that, it directed us to the button widget documentation. You can get specific help without searching the web.

Elementor 2.6 – In Conclusion

In conclusion, we listed all the big changes in this update. We hope you’ll enjoy the new features as we do. Thank you for reading and please share this article if we were able to help you out.

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