5 Email Marketing Essentials and How It’s Helping Websites to Make Money

Email marketing essentials with GetResponse

Learning email marketing essentials is the best way to make money online. Other than this method, there are many different ways of making money online. Some of them include paid ads, SEO, and Social Media. But, the most powerful tool anyone can use to make money online is Email marketing. Unlike other ways of marketing, email marketing has very high conversion rates. 

When email marketing, a marketer has to rely on his skills to build and maintain relationships with potential customers through email. The best Email Marketing Essentials include coming up with solutions that will help your clients solve their problems. The worst kind of email marketing can be seen in situations where a marketer buys or obtains massive email lists then proceeds to send a generic email to potential clients. 

If you do this, most likely, your emails will end up in the spam folder. You’ve got to give your clients up to date information with tailor-made emails. The most significant advantage of email marketing is that it allows a business owner to target a specific audience and personalize the information to help them maintain relationships with customers.

They’ll also be able to develop customer loyalty and build brand content while at the same time creating a need to purchase on the clients’ side. 

The Advantages of Email Marketing Essentials

With email marketing, website owners can maintain relationships with existing clients and build relationships with potential clients. With the use of email marketing, a website owner can promote their content, different products, and services, as well as share helpful content that’s not sales-driven to customers. 

Before you implement a new marketing strategy for your website, it’s best to research how it can help build your business. Here are some benefits of email marketing that your business can profit from.

  1. You Can Track Your Progress

Just like other avenues of internet marketing such as SEO or PPC; you can keep up with the strides of your campaign through platforms such as getresponse that can help you keep track of vital data such as social media shares, the number of links clicked and more.

Data collection is an essential aspect of any online marketing campaign. Analyzing the data, you’re getting fro your email marketing platform can help you make necessary changes as suitable to your campaign. For example, if you’ve got very few social media shares, then you can improve your non-sales content to make customers want to read and share it. 

2. You Can Personalize Information

When creating content for your email lists, you can personalize it to ensure that it’s relevant to the audience. For instance, instead of your subscribers receiving a robotic message that reads, “Hi, get 50% off product X”, your email should be more eye-catching and personal by incorporating the client’s name and the actual services they viewed on your website. 

So, primarily, your email could read, “Hi Sandra, you recently viewed product X on our website. Get 30% off if you make a purchase of $100 or more. Here are some products that you’ve checked out recently”. The second email is more personalized for the user than the first. 

3. It Costs Next To Nothing

Unless you’re using the paid versions of email marketing platforms, it costs nothing to set up. Using the free versions of email marketing platforms, you can start your first campaign then upgrade as you grow. Even though the free versions don’t come with some features, they’ll still go a long way in helping you achieve some goals.

On the other hand, you don’t need a big team of technical experts for your email marketing campaign to be a success, and neither is it necessary to create the most colorful templates for your email. 

4. Drive-Up Revenue

The best tool for using on buyers who make impulse purchases is email marketing. With a few clicks of a button, your potential client can go from seeing an offer you’ve sent them to click on the purchase button. To be more successful in such campaigns, you must learn the psychology of email marketing success. 

5. You Can Command A Global Audience with Instant Results

Internet market strategies such as social media marketing can help boost your brand awareness across many borders. However, when it comes to email marketing, you can instantly push a message to millions of people worldwide. 

Once an email is sent, you may start seeing results shortly after that. This is especially so because an email that’s crafted well to raise the urgency of a sale will convince your customers or subscribers to take immediate action. 

Email Marketing Essentials: Tips For Success

If you’d like to take your email marketing strategies to a whole new level, here are some tips that you should strategize on.

  1. Build your email lists. Even though there are people who opt to buy lists, sending emails to people who haven’t subscribed to your emails will put your emails into the spam folder. Clients who choose to receive your emails probably find them useful and will eventually purchase from you. 
  2. Don’t be deceptive. Ensure that you’ve got an honest tag line, your name, and address at the bottom of the email, and a method for uninterested users to unsubscribe. This ensures that you’re within the boundaries of the CAN-SPAM Act. 
  3. Disseminate useful information. Even though you’re trying to sell a product or service, you must be sending out good vibes to your customers by giving them information and tips that would be of value to them. 
  4. Create a schedule. When you’ve got appointed days in which you send your emails, your customers know when they can expect to receive an email from you.
  5. Develop Your Email for Mobile. With most people nowadays reading their email from the comfort of their mobile smartphones, it’s vital that your customers can take action to your email through their mobiles. 

Why You Should Have a Mailing List and How it Can Help Grow a Business

If you’ve heard about email marketing before but aren’t convinced about the potential benefits it can offer your business, then you’re missing out on a lot. You shouldn’t wait to start building your email list because the benefits of building one can have a substantial positive impact on your website and subscribers.

An email list is basically a list of email addresses that your business/website has collected. You can use your mailing list to send out information concerning the latest content you’ve got, product or service sales, and important announcements that your subscribers shouldn’t miss out on. 

5 Email Marketing Essentials and How It’s Helping Websites to Make Money 1

Don’t Purchase an Email List! 

As discussed earlier, buying an email list off of someone can seem like a good idea because you don’t have to put in all the work. However, what’s the point of buying lists only for your emails to be sent to spam? If you do buy lists, you’re assured of failing in your attempts at a successful email marketing campaign.

If the people you’re sending emails to have never visited your website, chances are, they’re not interested in buying your products or services. The most ethical thing you can do for your email marketing campaign is to ensure you’ve got emails only from people who’ve agreed to receive emails from you. 

The Advantages of Building Lists for Your Business

If you still need a little convincing on the benefits of building an email list, here are more advantages. 

  • Emails are Personal

If there’s one thing that consumers love, it’s getting personalized emails from a brand or business that they love and trust. Personalization of emails could make the difference between making a sale and ending up in the spam folder. 

  • Attract Visitors Back to Your Website

If you’ve been using tools like Google Analytics to monitor your website, then you know that most of the users that leave your site never come back. With email marketing and building lists, you can turn casual web surfers into your most loyal subscribers. If people get an email from you, and often, then they’re more likely to come back to your site and promote you. For this to happen, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got amazing content that they can relate to. 

  • Your Email List is YOURS

Think of it this way; sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn belong to someone else. Although your business has followers on these sites, they aren’t exclusively yours, and you share them with many other brands. If a social media site suddenly decides to change its policies over marketing campaigns, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

However, just like your website, your email list belongs to you, and you’re the only one who controls what happens to it. When you’ve got total control over your subscribers, you can make the best moves for your business. 

  • You Increase Revenues

It only makes sense that you ask all the visitors coming to your website for their contact info. I mean, if they’re already on your site, there must be something they’re interested in. Visitors interested in your niche site are more likely to boost your business by becoming buyers for your products or service.

On the other hand, the Median ROI for email marketing is 122%. This is a number that’s four times higher than other online marketing channels, which essentially means it’s inexpensive, and you’ve got more to gain than to lose. 

  • You’re Building Trust

Emails are an intimate form of communication, and most people want to check their inboxes in private. If you’re relaying crucial information to your email lists, you’ll always get a few customers who’ll send replies to your messages because of the feeling that they’re having a private conversation with you. The necessary process of sending and receiving emails to and from your clients helps your brand to build a strong connection and trust.

  • You Market Like the Big Boys and Girls

If you take a look at digital marketing, you’ll realize one striking similarity between all the biggest brands around the globe. They get people to subscribe to their email lists by spending tons of cash. Here’s an excellent example. Consider a website you’ve visited recently to make a purchase for say, shoes.

There’s a high likelihood that you were asked for your email as you were checking out or, in some instances, even before. There’s only one reason why big brands would do this. The results of the email lists are incredible! Lists are investments with high returns and the lowest costs to manage. 

  • You Relay Messages Easily

Most email users check their messages at list once a day, and, according to this statistics report by Radicati, there are 3.9 Billion email users globally. Leave alone, social media. People go days or weeks without checking what’s going on in social media platforms. When you send a potential customer a message, they get it delivered INSTANTLY to their inbox, and there’s no way your message will be missed. 

Growing Your Email List

There are many ways to grow an organic email list. Here are the ones you’ll find most useful for your business. 

  1. Polls. Engage your website visitors by creating a poll and then ask them to send you their email for the results.
  2. Make use of popup email forms. Filling in a popup form is a fast way of getting your visitors’ attention and their email.
  3. Have a giveaway. Tried and tested, this is a sure way of getting a customers’ email. Just ask for it as a way to get an entry and give them an additional one if they share the giveaway on social.
  4. Have a lead magnet. Put in simple terms; these are rewards you give to your visitors for giving you their email address. This could be in the form of information they’d make use of, such as a guide, an eBook, or a PDF. 

The BEST Email Marketing Platform: GetResponse

There are tons of platforms to choose from when it comes to email marketing. However, not all of them can be used by both beginners and experts alike. When applying, you’re advancing your marketing strategies; some platforms and tools will have more leverage against others. 

One tool that has been exceptional in helping beginners develop their campaigns, and allows expert marketers to advance their strategies, is GetResponse. This tool is unmatched at providing email marketing solutions, so let’s look at how it achieves this. 

· Easy and straightforward to use

· It’s got templates that you can easily customize

· Exceptional auto responder functions

· Has a great HTML editor you can use for all your newsletters and broadcasts

· The best customer support

· It can update your list automatically as it grows

· Easy integration with other tools and programs

Here’s how to get started on email marketing with GetResponse. If you’d like a feel of the platform, here’s a 30-day free trial

Before anything else, your visitors need to fill a web form on your website. Once they submit all required information, they get a Confirmation Email where you get permission to add them to your email list.  

Once the user has clicked on the link that’s provided on the email, they’re added to your email list. On GetResponse, you can send three types of messages. These are:

– RSS to email

– Newsletter

– Autoresponder

Once you’ve learned how to send these messages on your platform, you can now create a segment of who to send specific messages to. When sending out emails, you must keep your content catchy so that you can engage your audience. You’ve got to be consistent in relaying vital information to prospective clients.

When creating your segmented lists, you’ll have to identify where each email subscriber interests lies and then create different groups or segments according to these interests. When you’ve got various marketing campaigns going on, you can have separate lists where you add on specific emails. 

Segmentation is a great set up for different enterprises and website owners because it’ll allow you to send out timed messages to all of your subscribers. 

As compared to other platforms, GetResponse pay per month plans are way cheaper. This is especially so if you’ve got a massive email list. Also, GetResponse provides exceptional functionality. Competitors of GetResponse, like Mailchimp, give free accounts to users with smaller lists. 

However, these accounts won’t give you many of the features that you would otherwise get with a paid plan. Some of the features you’d get from GetResponse include templates, analytics, and list hosting. The platform is continually expanding its features, which is an excellent way of assuring users of it’s functionality and comprehensiveness. 

As the platform keeps updating and expanding, one of the features that have notable improvements is the templates. It has 60 top quality templates that one can use for their email. The old templates are still available, and you’ve got more than 500 easy-to-use templates. The most notable con of using GetResponse is that it doesn’t have mobile support.

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