Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners [2020]
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners [2020]

It is a dream for many of us to open a startup. Being an entrepreneur is very difficult, you need to keep in mind a lot of questions like you need to be cautious about, what are you going to do, what will be your next step, how will you expand your company and a lot of things. Once you start all of this, then there is no going back. Now, the initial step after opening your startup is marketing. It is a very crucial part of your startup. The idea of promoting your brand and advertising decides your company’s growth. Now, you can do marketing through social media, emails, pamphlets, advertisements, etc. It is generally, your creativity.

Email Marketing Basics

No business cannot be picked up without the pillar of marketing to support it. It is one of the significant lifelines for an institution to maintain or expand its success. There are various marketing channels available, ranging from traditional ones like direct marketing to digital channels that include social media and email marketing. Anyone who understands the best practices in marketing knows how misunderstood the power and propose of email marketing is to the extent that many people find themselves wondering what email marketing is. With appropriate research, it is concluded by experts that email marketing’s return on investment is significantly higher than that of other channels.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

Email marketing levels the playing field; a small company with a shoestring marketing budget can experience great results from the email just as quickly as a large company with a considerable budget. So, every individual or entity should involve themselves in this effective email marketing. Beginners can become experts with the right email marketing tips and strategies.

Now, today, we are here to give you some essential tips and tricks to increase your company’s value by email marketing. Now, let us begin with what is email marketing. It is a way of promoting your products through emails. A great email marketing platform you’d want to use is called GetResponse.

How To Do Email Marketing Step-By-Step

Many email marketing programs grow organically with a trial and error method. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, one can often accomplish more in a shorter time frame by putting a strategic plan into place. Developing an idea for an effective marketing move, even a novice gets good at how to do email marketing step by step. This process gives people what they need to attract ideal customers and take them from not knowing who they are to wanting to buy everything they put out for sale.

It starts with traffic that you send to the website or any page with an incentive or lead magnet (a free resource that you offer in exchange for an email address). Then this traffic is captured via a lead capture system such as an opt-in form or landing page, after which you’ll only need a dedicated series of emails that prime and nudge the subscriber to the required direction.

The primary step of email marketing is fixing your objectives. It means clearing all the ideas you have about presenting to your customers. The customer should be able to determine what your company is about just by looking at your mail.

For example, you want to sell a packet of cookies, then your email should include images of mouth-watering cookies, and an active punch line that promotes your brand. This way, the customer will get an idea of what you are trying to say.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners – using automation.

The next step is building a contact list. It is important to note that your list should include people who are interested in your company. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of time to send emails to people who don’t even want to open it. Now, we can say that an online marketing platform can we divided into three types owned, earned, and paid. The owned platform has blogs, websites, marketing lists, etc. The obtained structure has people who write reviews, comments, etc. And lastly, the paid stage has people who will pay you to do a particular thing like Google ads, surveys, Instagram ads, etc.

Let us take the example of selling a men’s cologne. Now your ideal customer list should include young adults, teenagers, also middle-aged men. Now, it would not be smart to add senior citizens or females to the list.

Now everyone has some limitations of time, and not everyone can sort the list. But not now, because GetResponse helps you sort the list by the use of the Autofunnel software. It lets you make high traffic from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram with the help of ads to get the email address and establish connections with new contacts. It then starts sending emails or automated emails to the newly formed contacts.

Now, after the completion of the mailing list, we can move towards creating a campaign, an email marketing campaign. In this, you can start with a welcome email, which will give a gist of your company. Then an email that will invite the subscribers to visit the company. After this, you can add an email that will give customers some offers and discounts by doing a small presentation. Also, you can add some emails that can present customers with a holiday coupon or some vouchers.

The last step will speak about the frequency, the time after which you want your customers to receive these emails.

How Effective Should Email Marketing Be

Email marketing should be sufficient enough to give an exceptional return on investment. The results matter a lot in the business world. The reason businesses invest in email marketing is because of the higher return on investment. The email is the most effective channel of marketing in the industry. Email marketing should be sufficient enough to have an immediate impact.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners – create a landing page

With email marketing, the company can start seeing the results. After the emails are being sent, they can begin to see the results immediately. It convinces the subscribers of the business to take immediate action by creating a sense of urgency. Email marketing should be sufficient enough to reach a global audience.

Email is a marketing platform that lets the business to send messages to many people across the world. It helps the companies to reach a global audience. Email marketing should be sufficient enough to become easy to share. The subscribers should be able to forward the offers and deals to their friends by just clicking a button.

Email Marketing Tips 

It is important to follow the following email marketing tips as they differentiate a novice from an average person and an average person from an expert: 

  • One should put his/her name between symbols to make the name stand out compared to other email marketers sending emails.
  • One must not send the same type of emails all the time. It is better to mix up the emails to maximize profits in the long run.
  • When emailing, one should keep 80% of the value of the emails, while 20% of the emails should be kept to pitching the offers. Keeping this ratio helps the list stay for the long-run, and thus, one will make more money from this strategy.
  • Always putting a link “above the fold” is significant so that everyone who opens the email has the best chance to click on a link to go check out the offer or whatever they are directed to.
  • Researchers recommend sticking to emailing the list once a day for maximum results.
  • After some time, some people on the list will never open the emails. With such people, it’s better to delete them from the list because one has to pay for every subscriber for almost all email autoresponders.
  • EPC stands for earnings per click, and this is one of the simplest ways to know whether an offer converts or not for one’s list. A person should always analyze EPC’s whenever he or she promotes an offer. Whichever offers got the highest EPC’s are the offers that one wants to prioritize on promoting.
  • A person should never forget to pitch. Giving value to the list is great, but at the end of the day, pitching something will make money.
  • It is also important to always provide the unsubscribe option. It benefits both the customer and you.

Getresponse Platform – Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

Getresponse is a highly recommended email marketing platform that provides tools to enhance the quality and delivery of the emails. It provides email marketing tools that can be used to design and customize the emails to one’s desired effect and ensures that they are delivered to the right contacts at the right time without getting stuffed in the spam folder or getting in the way of blacklisting organizations.

This platform also helps to increase email engagement rates through targeted and effective communication and analyzing the statistics of the campaign’s one put forward through email marketing. It provides the best experience since it is also connected with other commerce platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook through which necessary information about subscribers can be gained.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

It is extremely cost-effective and provides a robust boost to a business through effective marketing by targeting the right audience through beautifully designed emails. With its vast and varied resources, it is easy to pick up and implement. Getresponse, email marketing platform, provides tutorials for every tool used so that it is easy for a person to get the work done, whether they are sending a newsletter, an auto-responder, or RSS to mail message.

This platform is best for beginners as well as intermediate learners, and its advantages include amazing customer support, advanced autoresponder, and the ability to create a segment and have it automatically updated as one’s list grows. Getresponse also provides its customers with the overall theory of the email marketing that they can opt without the use of Getresponse, thus, encouraging the spread of knowledge. This marketing platform also follows most of the best practices and email marketing strategies to enhance the experience of the subscribers, along with improving the business of the user.

There is a big list of some of the email marketing best practices which will help your company get the response it deserves. Today, we will be providing you with all the fundamental email marketing tips to give your startup an excellent start.

We all are familiar with the concept of having a strong base of any building will give the most reliable results. It is because it will be the first email through which the customers will form a significant impression of your company. Similarly, to make bonds powerful with the customers, we will need to make our welcome emails more convincing and more transparent. It will also help sort the mailing list as the customers not interested will mark it as spam. Some of how you can write the welcome emails are given below.

Welcome to our website, and thank you for signing up. Well, this shows that, no matter how obvious, and small this thing is, but you still care to tell the customers that they matter to you.

You can also start by presenting the customers with a small discount coupon. By doing this, you will gain the attention of the customers, and this will also help to build a wall trust.

You can also start your email by presenting them with a brief list of things your company does. Maybe if your company is about blogging so you can give them a list of your popular blogs, this will help them know your company.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

The second email marketing tip is to send the emails at the right time. It will help you gain an image of sincerity. The customers will be more interested when they receive emails at the right time. For example, when someone has subscribed to your website, then at that time only, you send them a welcome mail. We have found out that the time slots between 9 and 11 in the morning, and 3 to 5 in the evening, are the time slots in which the best response is delivered. Also, you need to send emails like the daily newsletter in this time slot only, so that the customer can read which is on the top of their inbox.

Next, you can develop a frequency to send the customers your emails. We have found out that the highest clicks get when people send their mails once a week. By sending emails once a week will keep our customers engaged and interested in our company. It happens because, if we send them daily or alternate days, then they can get bored and may not even open the emails after some time.

Now the next thing we need to focus on is avoiding the spam folder. Yes, it is a very tricky thing to do, but trust us, we will help you out by giving you the best email marketing strategy. Getting into a spam folder will not help you because the customers will never get to know what was your emails. Now, you might be wondering how we can avoid this folder? So, it depends on many factors like your content, list methods, frequency, everything affects your email going in that dangerous folder.

The next important thing is to select a name that is hard to forget. So, this makes you pick a sender’s name, which is catchy enough for the reader to remember it. If you do not think about this point, you might not be able to stand out from the rest of the companies. If the customer remembers your name, then they will search for your emails automatically.

Now, since we have covered the sender’s name, we can move to the subject line. We have found out that 50 percent of the subscribers choose to open the email based on the subject line. So, you need a powerful and eye-catching line for your subject, that will help your email get opened.

We have majorly covered all the points on the email marketing strategy. Now we will let you know how this is going to work.

So, GetResponse is a software that will help you in email marketing, and it also offers software that will help you build your company. It has an autoresponder service. It enables you to create landing pages, it uses RSS to email, it can import new contacts for you, it has social media support, it has analytical integration and many more.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

So, you have the chance to use Getresponse email marketing and make your company stand out. It will help you in so many ways, and it will make your job a little easier. So, now in this article, we have covered all the points which will make your company grow. 

Email Marketing Best Practices

Some issues can be turned into email marketing’s strengths, and the good news is that people can overcome all of such shortcomings if they use some of the best practices to guide them. Best practices are those that generally produce the best results or minimize risk, the root of which is subscriber expectations and behaviors. These involve the email marketing strategies such as never including too much promotional content in the transactional emails and not buying email lists or bartering for email addresses because purchasing an email list will result in a person to only reach inboxes overrun with marketing messages and spam.

Sending an email to a purchased email list is considered to be a quick and easy way to ruin one’s sender reputation and get blocked by significant inbox providers and blacklisting organizations also if consumers are unaware that they have opted into an email program. Then, it means they didn’t give permission. It is unethical, so one should always make sure consumers are aware that they are being added to the email list.

Another strategy states that since unsubscribes don’t hurt the sender’s reputation and spam complaints do, it’s in one’s best interest to make opting out as friction-free as possible, so subscribers don’t resort to complaining. Thus, making unsubscribing easy, taking no more than two clicks, becomes essential.

Everyone wants to know how their email program stacks up against others. Still, external benchmarks are of little use, and everyone should focus on systematically beating their performance to improve genuinely. Also, authenticating the emails proves to protect the sender’s reputation, and makes it easier for inbox providers to identify spammers’ and phishers’ involvement.

A good marketer should also help subscribers by including a statement of permission right before the unsubscribe link or preference center link. It can avert some opt-outs and spam complaints since subscribers get lots of emails and don’t always immediately understand why they’re getting every message from brands.

Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners
Email Marketing Strategy Guidelines For Ultimate Beginners

It is essential for an email marketing service provider to keep records of proof of consent for each of the subscribers in case any legal action is brought under anti-spam law. Having detailed proof of consent will help one resolve any issues. Experts also recommend maintaining a minimum email frequency involving at least one marketing email a month, as an absolute minimum. These email marketing best practices help people to move forward in the digital marketing field and promote things while keeping in mind the needs and comforts of the subscribers.


Email is a content marketing tool one uses to be on the top in the market and build trust with the right audience. It is a long-term process, but it’s well worth the effort because it leads to the creation and nurturing of a marketing team of one’s own, people who will show up for the brand when one needs them to. It is wise to choose a platform like GetResponse if you are unsure of how to work out your strategies. If you’re interested, you can check this article about email marketing stats that could interest you.

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