GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – The Unusual Choice

Are you looking for the right marketing automation software? People usually go for Getresponse or Activecampaign when it comes to marketing applications. In general, marketers tend to go for these two applications as they are best-automated software out there. However, choosing between one of them can be challenging. Each of the software has some different features and unique in their way. Therefore, let’s evaluate the features separately and then make a comparison between them. Let’s get started.


Marketers have been using this application since its introduction. Moreover, it has some exceptional features that can fulfill the marketing needs. Therefore, let’s see what it has to offer when it comes to ActiveCampaign. 

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign - Which One Is Better?
GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Which One Is Better?

Email-Marketing Features

What is the best way to contact the target customer? Well, the answer is email marketing. The software is the fastest and easiest way to contact customers. Besides this, the product allows the users to build newsletters and send emails to the target audience. Furthermore, it does help to create campaigns as well. Moreover, it let you send an email that makes sense to your business. 

Broadcast Emails

When you need to communicate everyone at once, one –time email campaigns are time-saving. In addition to being time-saving, it is hassle-free as well.

Triggered Email

Such types of emails are based on “on-site” visits, engagements, or purchases. Triggered email gets sent as soon as someone shows interest in your site. It is an essential tip when you are comparing “GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign”. 

Target Emails

When you have to contact your target audience, this feature is a lifesaver. Moreover, it let you send the email to the right or target person.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Email Autoresponders

You can get in touch with the customers via a welcome email. Therefore, this feature lets you send such emails to the lead magnets automatically.

Email Funnels

The feature lets you dig out the paying customer among the interested ones. All you have to do is to set email automation, and you are ready to go.

Scheduled Emails

You can schedule emails for events like birthdays, holidays, and sales teams. Moreover, you can schedule it at any time or day.

Apart from this, it allows email segmentation that promotes people’s engagement. Moreover, your marketing gets better and gives the desired results. The next thing in it is a subscription form because it makes the job easy for you. Furthermore, you can capture contact information and tag customer based on their interests. Besides this, you can also send follow-up notifications and start a welcome series as well. You can see this tool in both the software when you compare “GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign”. 

The next feature is dynamic content, as it let you send the right email to the right person. Moreover, you can change your email content and design to make it more appealing.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Marketing Automation

Automation is like hiring a new employee that can handle things that no one can handle. Moreover, it becomes easy to target the right audience without getting onto complicated techniques. Apart from this, it let you do the following things.

Site Tracking

The feature lets you pull data in, and thus, you can track down the activity of your customer on the website. Moreover, you can group your contacts based on what they do on the site. In this way, you can know their interest and work. The entire process of grouping and digging out potential customers is known as a segment. Another benefit it offers is “trigger automates.” Besides this, the site tracking feature lets you evaluate the productive and non-productive activities on your website.

Event Tracking

The event tracking tool lets you make different segments based on events. Moreover, you can view the visitor’s history to know about their purchasing pattern. In addition to it, the tool lets you have personalized campaigns along with the following tools. Therefore, one should consider this tool while evaluating ” getresponse vs. activecampaign”. 

Automation goals

If you know the customer’s goal, then you can do better in the business. Therefore, the tool lets you set a specific goal when the customer performs actions. The next thing this software does that it tracks the goal performance. After that, you can group the customers that have made to the end stage of the goal.

Automation Map

The tool helps with the easy editing of your marketing needs and gives you an idea about the automation connection. At first, it helps you to map the page so that you can navigate the automation and set a target. In the next step, you will get map links and see how automation is connected. The last one is a map shelf that can show you reports based on performance. People look for this main feature when they compare ” GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign. “

Apart from this, the last two tools are attribution and split action. Attribution gives you an insight into social media. On the other hand, the split action tool makes the automation more flexible.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Sales And CRM

Having the CRM feature is the best as it helps you to organize the data you have. Moreover, it won’t let any data slip from your hands.

Contact And Lead Scoring

If you get to know the qualified leads, then half of the work is done. Therefore, this tool digs out the best and potential leads from the contact list. Furthermore, it shows the number of interested clients.

GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign – Gmail Extension To Chrome

When you connect the Gmail to chrome, then you can know the time and date customers open your mail. Moreover, this is the best way to manage your sales communication as well.

Mobile CRP Application

An effective application makes everything easy, and so does the CRM application. It let you conduct your online business from anywhere. 


Messaging is an essential feature of any useful marketing tool. Moreover, it let you reach the potential audience irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

Email marketing

You can send a responsive, beautiful, and super personalized email to the audience. Moreover, it doesn’t require much effort, as well.

GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign – SMS Marketing

GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign - Which One Is Better?
GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign – Which One Is Better?

The tool helps you to send SMS to the customer via mobile. Therefore, you don’t have to carry the laptop every time.

Facebook Audience

Getting customer Facebook information can be very useful for you. Therefore, the tool helps with this, as well.

Site Messages

The tool helps you to respond to the customer behavior and in return, boosts the call as well. In short, you can message the customer smartly and get maximum benefits from it.

Machine Learning

Having sales data isn’t enough if you can’t make the best of it. Therefore, the machine learning feature crunches the numbers. In return, the tool lets you make the right decisions regarding marketing. 

Win probability

As a marketer, you need to dig out the best deals that will give your sales team results. Therefore, with this tool, you can predict wins or losses and add a personal touch as well. Besides this, you can also make sales based on the odds.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Predictive sending

With this tool, you can send emails to the customer at the right time. In this way, you can get engaging customers that can invest in your product. Therefore, it promotes learning and frees you from the guessing work. In addition to it, you can have more eyes on the emails.


The marketing application has become a favorite of many marketers. Moreover, the app is suitable for both small and large scale businesses. In general, the software lets you grow the audience, sell products, and promote services as well.

Email marketing

The email marketing tool can deliver you the tailor-made offers. Therefore, it helps you build an effective email marketing strategy. Moreover, it won’t be a burden on your bank account. You can update the customers via newsletters. Also, the email broadcast tool lets you do it in one go. The next tool it has is autoresponders that nurture subscribers.

Moreover, it takes help of the automated follow-up emails to do this work. While comparing “GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign”, look for this feature. 

The next tool is “automate emails” that will be sent once the customer visit the website or make a purchase. The Segment specific tool gets you higher engagement rates via highly targeted recipient groups. Besides this, it offers “perfectly-timed emails” and facilitate “automated blog digest” as well.

Furthermore, it offers templates that will let you make responsive, interactive, and beautiful emails. As we know, we need to create emails interactive if we want to engage customers.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Marketing Automation

The smooth and advance feature helps you to set up sophisticated campaigns. Moreover, you can design user experience with a powerful workflow. Furthermore, one can build different scenarios to get a real-time view from the customers’ journeys. Other than this, you can track and address website visitors, cart abandoners, and a successful purchase. The other tools are automation templates and scoring tagging. In the automation template, you can make interactive templates. After that, use the automation feature to send it to the customers. On the other hand, scoring and tagging let you analyze the customer’s preference and habits.

The next tool is “traffic generation,” an advance e-commerce tool. Moreover, it let you get most out of the inbound traffic on the website. By understanding the customers’ interests, you can make more profit. The “automation segmentation” allows you to create a personalized customer journey. Therefore, you can filter the contact list based on customer behaviors and custom data. In this way, you can maximize the engagement along with your sales as well.

Landing pages

The feature is beneficial as it let you earn more revenue and get more leads as well. The software offers an impressive template to make the landing page interactive. At first, you need to select the template that suits your business needs. Furthermore, you can use a built-in image editor to create good brush strokes and pictures. The best thing about this is that you can add anything you would like in your template. Therefore, in this way, you can get a personalized template, as well.

Now coming to the publish option, then it is effortless. Moreover, you can choose any domain to edit the templates. Therefore, flexible publishing options let you have an interactive landing page without any issue. Furthermore, it even has a drag and drops editor that require no technical skills to use it. All you have to do it to reshape resize and re-group it with ease.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Auto-Funnel

The tool is an automated and ready-made sales funnel generator. Therefore, you can build landing pages, sell your products, and automate your emails as well. Besides this, the tool helps you to sell products via the sales funnel feature.

Furthermore, it helps you to dig out the leads funnels so that you can know the target audience. Therefore, the tool helps to nurture and grow the audience. The other thing this tool does is “webinar funnels” to monetize and share your expertise.

Apart from this, you can have predesigned scenarios and then launch the funnels as well. Moreover, you can use a high-quality situation along with professional sales copy. Besides all of this, the “Getresponse” software is an amazing online management tool that can maximize ROI, grow your business, and achieve success in e-marketing.

Getresponse – What Else It Offers?

The software lets you run winning email campaigns as you can send responsive and beautifully designed emails. Therefore, you can increase both subscribers and sales at the same time. Moreover, it has made selling easy by providing revenue-generating tools. Besides this, the predesigned and ready-made templates ensure customer engagement with your website. Furthermore, it has emails, signup forms, landing pages, and webinars. All these tools help you to promote and run the webinars.

As we know, hundreds of customers visit a site daily. Thus, it becomes difficult to sort out the customers based on their interests and engagements with the website. Therefore, the e-commerce marketing tool helps you to convert visitors into loyal customers. The tool lets you create your store and add the products to it. When you involve in e-commerce, then the most important thing is traffic. In this case, the tools drive traffic from different social media platforms. Furthermore, it helps you create beautiful and engaging promotional banners along with videos. In other words, his software provides everything that can help you to get a successful e-commerce website. 

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Comparison

So far, we have learned about both the software in detail and get familiar with the features as well. Now, let’s compare the software based on customer reviews and price.

Purpose Of The Software

ActiveCampaign is easy to use and powerful e-marketing tools available out there. Moreover, this one is for both small/large companies. Coming to “Getresponse,” then this software is for marketers brands and large/small businesses.

Pros And Cons – ActiveCampaign

Now let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both the applications. We are going to start with the ActiveCampaign.

The software is used to build a secure and effective automated workflow. Moreover, the application is affordable, and no setup fee is required, as well. Furthermore, it has A/B testing automation sequence along with campaigns. Now coming to the cons of the application, then the dashboard options are limited. Moreover, it doesn’t offer any landing page builder to the users.

Pros And Cons – GetResponse

When you use this application, then one can publish designer and superior quality landing pages in a few seconds. Moreover, there are no contracts or obligations to use this software as the user can cancel it anytime. Therefore, if you haven’t used such apps before, then giving it a try won’t cost you more. Furthermore, users will get more than 500 professionally designed and unique email templates. Talking about the cons, then it has limited CRM tools. In addition to the CRM limit, it does count duplicate contacts towards the monthly limit.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign – Pricing

Talking about the price then, both the companies’ charges according to the number of contacts. In general, activecampaign costs $39/month for 2.5 k contacts while getresponse charges $20/month for the same number of contacts. Therefore, getresponse is economical in comparison to the other software. However, it also offers fewer features than the active one. Apart from this, activecampaign has more stars than other software. In terms of features, it is better than getresponse. Therefore, this is the evaluation “GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign”. 

If you want to know about the features rating in detail, then visit the official website of both the software. There, they have rated the software separately according to their features and price. Moreover, you can decide the best one by reading the above article and then evaluate the best one.


E-marketing is very different from the traditional one. Therefore, one needs help when they take the first step in the virtual marketing world. Moreover, you need to make your site look different and presentable so that customers find it attractive. E-commerce is not just about products, but SEO, templates, website design, etc. also play an essential role in it. You can check ActiveCampaign here.

The content about “Getresponse vs. activecampaign” has given you a brief idea about the e-marketing software. Therefore, go through it and learn which one fulfills your needs. Moreover, please learn about the e-marketing essentials as well. It will give you an idea of what do you need in your online business. Check out our comparison about GetResponse Vs Mailerlite as well. Thank you for reading.

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