GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels – Decide On The Best Platform

Today, business is all about marketing. If a well-known platform performs marketing, then your business has a lot of chances to grow. So choosing a marketing platform is also an important factor in running a business. They also ease out your work of coding and all related stuff that you need to build a website. For this purpose, GetResponse and Clickfunnels are the best. But you might be thinking about which one of both should we hire? What are the factors that can attract us? So to ease your selection process, we made a comparison of Getresponse Vs clickfunnels.

What Do These Platforms Do?

For those who don’t know about these platforms, they are business marketing platforms. They help us increase our sales, growing our business. Not only this, they are capable of increasing traffic to our websites. They have experience in this stream and are happy to share their experiences with us. For amateurs in this stream, arranging leadership funnels is also a task they perform.

Hiring such companies has become very important in today’s business life. Building a website does not help you much. And so these platforms help you in making your funnel. Which is quite helpful in business, irrespective of your level of activity. Both of them have almost the same features. Check out more on GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels.  

GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel - Decide On The Best Platform
GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel – Decide On The Best Platform

Features Of Getresponse 

The most significant feature of all is email Marketing because they give many opportunities to be carried out by email. We can send an email to broadcast updates and offers available at your business. Automated follow-up emails can help subscribers to stay updated. The emails related to after any purchase abandoned carts, and many more can be done.

It increases traffic to your blogs, posts, and many others on social media. People are attracted to the mails that look beautiful, and so it allows you to create such emails. Dynamic content consisting of emails is also an attraction and is useful in keeping records, and so it is provided by the company.

You can save a track of emails that you are sending and also have access to split tests. The funnels that they help in creating also has many features. Some of them are that you market your products on various social media applications and websites. It also allows you to provide a link to your funnel, ultimately increasing traffic to your funnel.

Features Of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnel is used by many websites to get help in marketing, selling, and delivering the products online. It helps to grow the business. There are currently 281,575 websites that use ClickFunnel for the business. Among these websites, there are 106,112 live websites. There are also additional domains that redirect to the sites which use ClickFunnel.

In numbers, they are 65,307 domains. Earlier, 175,463 sites used this technology. 62 websites in India now use ClickFunnel. In the United States, it is used by 87,708 websites. 2036 websites are using this in the United Kingdom. It is followed by Australia, where 1765 websites are using this technology. In Canada, the technology is used by 1566 websites. 1411 websites in Germany are using ClickFunnel for their business.

In Columbia, 1178, sites use this technology. 738 websites in Italy use this technology. According to the calculation done based on the traffic, the top million sites comprise 0.26 percent, which is equivalent to 2599 sites. There are 318 websites with high traffic volume in the top 100K, and they are equal to 0.32 percent. In the top 10K, there are 19 websites which have very high traffic volume, and it comprises of 0.19 percent.

Clickfunnels helps you in many ways. Some of them are that it guides your customers in every step through the entire process. It helps you to take your customers to the product they want to buy. Most of the customers have the mentality of watching the product at different websites to get a reduced price.

You can follow-up with the visitors after they leave the page. Nowadays, people don’t have much time to visit a website, searching for the product they want, add it to a cart, and then pay for it. So looking to it, ClickFunnel provides your funnel to help customers buying it in a few seconds.

They also help in marketing your products through various applications and websites like Email and Facebook. You organize all the data in only one dashboard. They provide excellent service in funnel creating as it takes less than 10 minutes to make a funnel page in this platform as most of the part is already available. Also, the benefit of hiring this platform is that you get visual charts showing the progress in the funnel, sales rate, sales revenue, number of people visited the page and many more.

Variety In The Products

There is much different variety in both the companies that make them different. Experience plays an important role in every stream. The GetResponse has a lot more experience then ClickFunnel as it has satisfied over 350000 users to date, whereas ClickFunnel has served over 100000 users.

GetResponse offers you many plans, whereas ClickFunnel provides only two plans. Facilities such as a webinar, automated emails, driving traffic towards sales funnels, and many more are provided better by GetResponse. Pricing is also an important factor to be taken into consideration before buying, and in this case, GetResponse is cost-efficient.

Their sales executives offer a great service in terms of selling their service. They schedule demo sessions for you online as well as offline as per terms. Many companies give their most attention in before-sale service, but after-sale, they flew off like they don’t know you. It is not the problem for both the companies because both are trustworthy companies with over 100000 satisfied users each. Both use high tech tools and staff to maintain customer relations. 

GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel - Decide On The Best Platform
GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel – Decide On The Best Platform

Although many features of GetResponse is better than ClickFunnel, there are features possessed better than GetResponse like creating a funnel page is quickest in this platform, they provide you visual charts of data showing various things frequently. So, let us know what ClickFunnel is and how it may help you efficiently earn money.

ClickFunnel is an online SaaS (i.e., Software as a service) software that easily lets you build landing pages and sales funnel without having any technical or coding language knowledge. This software was developed by Russel Brunson, who is a best-selling author of Expert Secrets.

ClickFunnel helps all the entrepreneurs, business owners, and all the bloggers in making money out of their online platforms, their audience, and their passion. Unlike other standalone pages focusing on only earning through their products through ClickFunnel, you can connect different types of marketing funnels through it. You can now focus on the specific features in this GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels.

Suggestions For Businesses – Getresponse Vs Clickfunnels

Both companies are good for almost all businesses. But still, there are some differences. The GetResponse gives more opportunity for both small scale as well as large scale and the ClickFunnel also provide opportunities but less compared to GetResponse. GetResponse has more experience in huge integrations such as Google, Facebook Amazon payment integration, Paypal, and many more, so it should be considered for businesses like those.

ClickFunnel lets you easily create funnels that you need. It has wonderful templates to allure visitors for every funnel. It together combines payment and email providers. It especially benefits editors who can use it with flexibility. You may also help visitors register and view your webinars and training weekly. It has two-tier affiliation programs and also has a free trial pack for 14 days. ClickFunnels have a day to day upgrades having new features added constantly.

Pricing For These Platforms

GetResponse provides a one-month free trial. There are four options available by GetResponse. They are the Basic plan, Plus plan, and Professional plan every month starting at $12.75, $41.65, and $84.15 per month after a 15% discount, respectively, and Enterprise plan will cost you at $1199 per month and get a monthly plan free. 

Every year, it starts at $10.46, $34.15, and $69 per month after a discount of 30%, respectively, and the Enterprise plan will cost you at $839 per month and get a monthly plan free. On two year basis, it starts at $8.93, $29.16, and $58.91 per month after a discount of 40%, respectively, and Enterprise plan will cost you at $719 per month and get a monthly plan free.

The reason for charging the Enterprise plan so much is because other plans give access to 1000 lists, but this plan gives access to 100000+ lists. GetResponse provides only 14 days of a free trial. Where GetResponse provides so many options, ClickFunnel provides only two options. The first plan is for a startup that will cost you $97 per month, and the second plan is for enterprises that will cost you $297. That is the pricing aspect of GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels.

GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel - Decide On The Best Platform
GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel – Decide On The Best Platform

Compatibility Of These Platforms

Social media marketing is not an easy job. Also, it is one of the factors whose deficiency has lead to the falling down of various companies. So before hiring any platform for social media marketing, it is essential to check whether it is compatible with it or not. We should do a whole market research of the company to ensure if it is not a fraud.

The GetResponse and ClickFunnel both are compatible with social media marketing with a good reputation and experience. Both companies have provided services for many companies. Huge integrations like Amazon payment integration, Facebook, Paypal, Shopify, Bing Ads, Gmail, Google, etc. have been served by GetResponse, which shows its compatibility with serving huge integrations. Now, find out the compatibility of GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel.

Limitations Of Getresponse And ClickFunnel

The interface of the template builder present in GetResponse is limited, with no scope of customization or customer appeal. The templates present in the GetResponse site is quite outdated and does not help in enticing the users who decide to opt-in for the newsletter. The lack of automation is shocking, and since a lot of other companies offer a high level of integration and automation, it feels like GetResponse lacks in this department. The success rate of the emails is also quite less. 

Moreover, it also does not have any free plan, which is quite a shock, since most of its competitors have a free plan. Its free trial plan is limited, too, and can eat up a lot of your money without knowing if you forget to cancel the contract. They do not send any reminders or any updates on the credit card being utilized and auto-renews the service.

Since the free trial asks for credit card and also charges money after the free period gets over, one would expect higher quality for the same, but it is unfortunately not true. There have also been multiple complaints of people getting their accounts suspended or banned after importing contacts, even though their contacts were legitimate opt-ins and not spam. Getresponse does not provide any valid arguments for shutting down their accounts, and only say that they have violated the terms and conditions of the company. 

The customer care is also quite a pain in the ass, as they keep on delaying the issue by transferring the problems from one department to the next. The executive of customer care is also not well versed in English that causes a lot of inconveniences. Another problem with their system is that it breaks when the site is revamped and can cause massive trouble to the users. Users are unable to use a lot of features of the site when it updates to a newer version. It mainly happens due to incorrect formatting, improper coding, and lack of testing before deploying the website, however, this is a problem that GetResponse rarely addresses. 

Clickfunnels feels quite outdated as compared to its competitors. Be it the landing pages, the interface, or the user experience. It feels years old. The presence of funnels here makes it hard for the user to add the same product to several funnels due to a lack of flexibility. The number of checkout templates available in Clickfunnels is also minimal and does not offer much customization.

There are one-click upsells available, but there is a considerable lack of flexibility for the same, as one-click upsells here to provide only credit cards and not PayPal, which is a much better way of payment. The method of creating subscriptions are also quite lengthy and time-taking for an activity that is so crucial and is used so often. There is a lack of a failed rebill system that instructs the customer to update their payment information, which will have a higher chance of getting billed. Using this rebill method helps the company to strengthen loyal customers and weed out the unnecessary ones.

GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel - Decide On The Best Platform
GetResponse Vs ClickFunnel – Decide On The Best Platform

The plans for Clickfunnels are quite pricy, starting at $97 per month, and what is worse is that for that high price, the features that one gets access to is quite limited. The limit of the $97 plan is 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors. To get access to many premium services such as Actionetics and Backpack, one has to opt for the Etison Suite plan, which sells for $297 a month. There is also a learning curve to using Clickfunnels, which is why it is not recommended for beginners. 

There is so much functionality packed into this application that it becomes hard for anyone to use it without taking any course properly. Users have also found the interface to be glitchy, stuttering, and hard to work with. The pages can load for hours and break due to the problem of glitch. The unreliable system also results in a weak caching experience that takes a long time for the pages to load correctly. At times, this becomes frustrating, and customer care is mostly unable to help with the problems as they are unsure of what could have caused the problem. We have a brief of GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels.


As it is said that correct marketing plays an important role in expanding your business. You must hire a specialist in marketing. Hiring freelancers may cost you much than companies, so for cost-saving, it becomes necessary to select the accurate man for it. These companies have their pros and cons. Looking for pros only and not cons and buy the service can be a regretful decision in the future.

So what should we do in this situation? The answer to this is that experience. Experience should be one of the factors to be checked before buying the service. In this case, GetResponse has a lead, and not only this, but they provide more facility then ClickFunnel, so in our choice, we would select GetResponse. But, every people have a different thought. Some may like something, and some would like another thing. So it’s upon your decision but never take the wrong decision as it may cost you in your business. So what are you waiting for? Get the service for your startup today and make your business booming. You can also check ClickFunnels here. Thank you for reading!

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