Getresponse Vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

For an online business to prosper, it is essential to be supported by third parties. If the company is to be international, third-party integrations need to be done. It is for seamless and hassle-free transactions. Email marketing, in a definition, is the message(s) that lures or engages the potential or current customers, respectively. It can be an advertisement for the latest offers or an announcement about the recent launch. In every way, email marketing works to build customer loyalties and takes the business further.

Email marketing is an easy way of advertisement which also maintains the costs. Online marketing is one of the best ways of promoting trade among the masses. To capture the attention of more audiences, you need to approach them individually. One of the best tools for reaching individual customers is through email. With the option of email marketing, you can create an ad about a sale, new product/service launch, and other ideas and send this ad to innumerable people. Here is a detailed review of two best platforms – Getresponse Vs Drip.

What Do These Platforms Do?

Getresponse is an email marketing service that helps in spreading the word out. It could be about any product to the target audience at the right moment with the help of a platform like this. It provides high engagement rates through highly targeted groups of recipients. Sending emails one by one too many people is a difficult task. So, this problem is solved by Getresponse as it makes a broadcasting list. It sends the email to a list of recipients at the same time announcing any new offer or products.

In this highly dynamic environment, using tools like Getresponse is very crucial. It helps to reach a higher number of audiences in a shorter period. The service also includes analytics tools that help users analyze all the statistics. They can find how much the email deliverability rate was. They also know how many people opened the emails and clicked on the banners. Now, we know the gist of Getresponse Vs Drip.

Getresponse vs Drip - Make The Better Choice Here
Getresponse Vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

When you own a website, there are specific actions you want your customers to take on your webpage. It could be reading your article, subscribing for your newsletter, leaving a comment, or purchasing an item. When you want someone to do something you want them to do on your webpage, that is called conversion. That is, the visitor is converting from reading or browsing your webpage to taking an action that you wanted them to take. These tools provide you a series of steps that the visitor will have to go through to perform a particular action i.e., reach the conversion.

Through a platform, you may capture a person’s email address. A capture funnel consists of the two-page frame where on the first page catches an email address, and another page sends them than you and signs them up. It consists of a three-page framework where the first page gives an overview of the course. The second page leads your prospect to the sales page, and the third page lets you make the purchase. You may also open a coaching funnel through these platforms. Here, the first page will ask you a set of questions, and the second one lets visitors schedule a call.

Features Of Getresponse 

Getresponse helps in reaching a significant customer base. It also provides opt-in email marketing tools that help in marketing a product through email. Through this, we can sell any product and make it reach to many target audiences. The service provides a perfectly timed tool that sends emails to the right person at the right time, which increases the open email rate.

Communication is the key to reach more audiences. It is tough to reply to each email. To meet this requirement, Getresponse provides autoresponders. It is done as the response to the email automatically with previously loaded messages. It happens whenever someone writes an email. They also get curious about the speed of the responses and get more interested in the product the client is marketing through the campaign.

In today’s scenario, there are several ways to increase the audience range for a product or a site. One of them is native advertising. Getresponse can help in native advertising to grow the audience base for the services. The marketers have several ways to promote their products through native adverting on the internet. Now it is a part of digital marketing. Native advertising is like placing advertisements on related information. These advertisements blend with the site and don’t look like it’s a promotion.

Getresponse vs Drip - Make The Better Choice Here
Getresponse Vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

Sometimes, the development harms the mind of the viewer as they think that the product must be wrong as they are promoting it to sell. So, when it is related to the content around it, the promotion blends in a different way. The subconscious mind of the viewer is affected, and he/she is not able to identify it as a promotion.

The user can also know which email client is being used by its audience. Mobile devices and desktops can be compared to identify more about the target audience. It can help by telling the preferences of the audience, and it can be beneficial in the long-term and to market other products in the future.

Getresponse provides 99% of the email deliverability rate to its clients. The best email deliverability rate is achieved by being in a spam-free zone. An anti-spam culture is made by Getresponse to get the highest email deliverability rate for its customers. 

The main goal of Getresponse is to make the emails of its users be delivered to their audience’s inbox. To achieve this goal, it automatically eliminates the subscribers who mark the user as spam and don’t want to receive the emails. It helps in protecting the reputation of the company and achieve a higher deliverability rate in the future.

Features Of Drip

A drip is an automated tool used to help e-commerce businesses to increase their sales and grow their revenue. It allows you to easily integrate all the website processes. It could be subscription websites, order forms, shopping carts, and website hosting together under one roof. It simplifies your task and provides a hassle-free experience for your potential customers. You also save plenty of time and expertise. You can so do while figuring out how to bring together all the functions on your website.

Getresponse vs Drip - Make The Better Choice Here
Getresponse Vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

Apart from building sales funnels, it also helps you to create landing pages and sales pages. The extravagant look and feel of the site, coupled with the simplicity and ease of use help. It will make your leads want to keep visiting your website for more services. It is a massive advantage for your business since any online business depends solely upon the number of page visits it gets. It allows a free trial period of 14 days, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you can easily modify or edit it. Drip has the advantage of being SSL certified and protected. It is continually being upgraded with new features. 

Drip is flexible and hence allows you to integrate significant email and payment systems with ease. You can also easily integrate videos, clocks animations, and many other such elements as per your choice. Its associations with PayPal, Recurly, NMI, Stripe, and more allows your customers to transfer the money quickly. Drip has numerous predesigned templates with lavish designs readily available for your use.

All these funnels are previously tested and correctly functioning. If not, you may create your customized plan as per your requirements. Its auto-respond feature helps you to respond to emails automatically. They offer a ton of weekly webinars and training for free, so you have hands-on experience about the program. It allows you to leverage multiple domains. After you set up your page, it will enable you to review your performance by providing analytics of the funnel performance.

You can find the total number of conversions, the leads generated, and the revenue generated from sales. Also, you may see tracking unique visitors and the A/B test results. You can create exclusive membership niches so that your customers can sign up for membership benefits.

It allows you to hire subordinates who can help you market your products. It allows you to manage them and pay them as well quickly. Irrespective of the type of business and its website, Drip brings you a time-saving method to create stunning sales funnels. You can sell absolutely anything under the sun in a jiffy with Drip. And the best part is, you can do it all by yourself!

There is no need to hire a specialized web designer to get your work done. It is easy to use. You do not have to stress over how to get it done from scratch. It attracts heavy traffic from online marketers, web designers, entrepreneurs, and so on. The buyers face no distraction during their course of browsing through the website. They are either pushed to make a purchase or refer a contact. 

Variety In The Products

Drip is currently at the top of its page when it comes to selecting a software tool for creating sales funnels. GetResponse is also another tool that works pretty much on the same lines as Drip. Even though OptimizePress is an economical option, its pages take forever to load. Unlike Drip, GetResponse doesn’t allow you the luxury to upsell or down-sell your products. Also, it doesn’t automatically send responses to emails and even no tool to manage affiliates. Drip provides you with an advanced set of analytics performed on your sales funnel. GetResponse only delivers basic analytics while, on the other hand, OptimizePress offers no such option.

OptimizePress has no built-in split testing like the A/B testing feature in Drip. Drip’s predesigned templates are much more aesthetically designed than the other two. GetResponse doesn’t have an integrated payment scheme to process the payments quickly. GetResponse is still in its developmental stage. Unlike GetResponse and OptimizePress, Drip doesn’t just build pages, but builds smart sales funnels!

Suggestions For Businesses – Getresponse Vs Drip

Some plans are necessary, and some are expensive. There is a functionality in Getresponse, which is marketing automation. It is one of the best features of the platform. The limitation is that the feature is only available when expensive plans are chosen. The feature provided by a standalone product of CRM is considerably better. It is better than the CRM functionality provided by the Getresponse. The CRM functionality of the get response needs to be improved a lot to be considered as a replacement.

Getresponse vs Drip - Make The Better Choice Here
Getresponse Vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

The conversion rate optimization features are not available enough in the drip. The drip lacks the features of CRO. The drip platform can be faulty in operation, which means it can be buggy. The drip’s automation can be buggy in a way when the new workflows are being set up. It can become difficult for you to tell whether the effects of the unique setting takes place or not. 

Pricing For These Platforms

As for Getresponse, the initial 2.5k contact sale would be 20$ per month while you avail of a full feature pricing for 997 dollars. Though there are a starting fee and a no-refund policy, the minimal plans are way lesser in this platform. For example, a 100k contact plan would be $374 per month. As for the pricing in Drip, you can have 2.5k contacts for $41 per month, and that is your primary plan. It extends up to $799 for 100k month. Else, you can choose a full feature for $999 per month. However, there is no starting price or setting fees for unlimited users. 

Limitations Of Getresponse And Drip

Getresponse has a drag-and-drop interface that is used for email designing and landing pages. The drag and drop interface of Getresponse is complicated. Because of the complications, the interface needs improvements. Some e-newsletters are created in Getresponse. Usually, these e-newsletters are expected to be displayed in the Gmail app. Currently, in Getresponse, the created e-newsletters are not displayed as they should have been displayed in the Gmail app.

The Getresponse also provides the data capture forms. Here, the submitted data capture forms are not responsive. They are displayed on the website without you being able to control. You have no command in deciding where they should be displayed and when they should be displayed. They offer different plans to choose from. The RSS-to-HTML e-newsletter has templates. The Getresponse provides these templates. The range of these templates is minimal. 

The e-newsletters have the option to select a variety of fonts. In Getresponse, the only font available is those fonts which are web-safe. In Getresponse, you have the opportunity to use only the web-safe fonts. The limitation with getting to use only web-safe fonts is that the template does not look sleek as it should look otherwise. The competing products provide other fonts along with web-safe fonts, and this makes the model look sleek. There is different authentication available in Getresponse.

DomainKeys Identified Mail is one of the essential authentication methods which is used in email spam. The DKIM authentication provided by Getresponse is only available on the expensive plans. These expensive plans are professional. During login, usually, two-factor authentication is used for security. The limitation of Getresponse is that there is no two-factor authentication during login. Also, the phone support is not provided by the get response.

The form builder provided by the Drip is limited. The limitation of the drip with this problem is that when the tests are sent out for automation, it becomes difficult. You won’t identify if the tests are occurring under old settings or new settings. The templates available for email are comparatively weaker in drip than the models provided by the competitors. The templates available for email are limited, and they could be made better. The cost of using the drip is comparatively very high.

Getresponse vs Drip - Make The Better Choice Here
Getresponse vs Drip – Make The Better Choice Here

Even the monthly fees are higher than the other product providing the same service. For a startup or a company that is new and has less experience, the price of the drip can be a significant problem. There are other programs available that are comparatively less costly than the drip. It creates a limitation for the drip as it does not attract the customer of new startups.

There are concerns about customer service in the drip. People have to wait longer for customer service. The templates of HTML responsive email that you have customized can be brought in Drip. The limitation is that you need the skills of an expert programmer to carry out this task. It takes a lot of time to learn to use the features of drip. There are rules, tags, workflows, and custom fields.


There is a big world of marketing with online marketing being a small part of it. Digital advertising has picked up speed in the last few years. It is doing better with increasing technological advancements. A crucial aspect of online marketing is email marketing. When it comes to marketing through email, you will be shocked as to what a regular promotional email can do.

When a customer takes action with the business, then an email is used. It is sent only in response to the action taken by the customer. For instance, if you order a product on an online site, it will send you an invoice on the delivery. These transactional emails are now used for promotion also. They contain short messages with specific targets on the audience. You can also check Drip here. Thank you for reading!

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