Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads In 2020
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads In 2020

Having a website is considered an essential tool for marketing and advertising in this digital era. A website which generates leads is different from the normal one in terms of incorporating leads which give importance to customer’s opinion and inquiry. The website lead generation process is an advanced form of advertising. It can draw customers’ attention by providing what is relevant for them in a particular scenario. The lead generation process for a website might seem tedious, but it is, in fact, a no brainer and can simply increase the reach of your website and also the sales.

A website is an essential tool for business. Through sales of E-commerce, some sites generate revenue instantly. Others use the website to generate leads, physical location visits, or calls. Every business wants to take full advantage of its website to grow more. Without investing in rebuilding and redesigning the website, the company can follow several methods to increase leads. In this article, we will be discussing on generating leads with the help of ConvertPro for best results.

Generate Leads - Epic Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads Using ConvertPro

A common question that arises is how to generate leads for a website without redesigning. It is in other means without making about many changes in the existing website. The Lead generation process looks kind of time-consuming, but with proper research and lead generation tools such as Convert Pro, you can easily achieve it. Convert Pro is a lead generation tool (plugin), which provides lead generation services specifically tailored for a company’s needs.

Before creating a lead, it is essential to make a clear picture of what do the company expects from the lead. Making goals clear can improve the results. It is also necessary to view the leads from a customer’s perspective. Doing so can be useful in maintaining the company’s reach and also helping customers by providing what they like.

One doesn’t have to rebuild a website just to increase the leads as long as the site is unique and stands as the company’s virtual representation. Instead, one can resort to some simple hacks and tips which might help to increase the leads. The rebuilding of a website becomes a necessity when the website loses its showstopping appeal.

Analysis of Data: It is essential to understand the Google analytics data to identify and track which source of traffic is not producing the desired conversion. It also helps to make about changes by letting one know what part of the truck is not being converted, thereby helping to eliminate the traffic source.

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

Blogs: By creating blog posts frequently by incorporating the desired keywords can help to up the rank of your website in the search engine results. You can further share these blogs on social media to up the advertising game.

Usage of simple fonts: This hack is one that can increase the aesthetic appeal of the website. Before the lead generation process, it is necessary to explore and research some of the sites of the leading giants in a particular field. You should note that most of these websites resort to using simple but elegant fonts. It can not only attract customers’ attention but also is pleasing to the eyes and can load in almost all devices.

Providing contact details: This tip might contradict your intuition but is all about improving the customer’s trust factor. By providing contact details such as a phone number can increase the credibility of the website and, in some ways, grow the impression a customer has about the organization/company.

What People Say

Incorporating testimonials: Genuine testimonials can oomph the credibility of the website. A customer believes in testimonials that they can relate; therefore, the testimonials should be genuine. It can be made even more attractive by adding audio or video.

Avoid spoon-fed templates: There are numerous all-work-done templates available. Instead of relying on these, it would be much better if a website is by a designer specially tailored to cater to the company’s interests and goals. The problem with ready-made templates is that they can resurface anywhere, and the customer might feel that the team took no effort to design it.

In-person appearance matters: By getting yourself in the field can strengthen the online efforts as it stands as a symbol of the commitment a company has towards its customers. Even though this can be time-consuming, a buzz can be in the social platforms.

Include Product explainer videos: Product explainer videos are those who clearly explains your product or service without leaving room for any confusion. It is essential to make the video short and crisp and also visual appeal to grab the customers’ attention. This hack can also help to shoot up your traffic conversion rate.

Provide breathing room: Negative spaces or commonly called white spaces on a website can make the website looks less crowded. It is essential in the lead generation process because of the fewer words or content on your website, the more emphasis on the soul of the website (i.e., your service or product). Customers might feel an aversion to reading long paragraphs, instead, resort to bullet points and improve the clarity.

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

Finding Out The Areas

Identify the dead zones: Continuously monitor and analyze the customers’ website usage to track and spot the dead zones. Dead zones are those spaces or certain spots on the website where customer attention is the least. It can be identified by going through the previous usages. Reposition the offers or other links that in in the dead zone to a spot where the customer attraction is most. The clicking manner of the customers can identify it. Special tools are available (known as heat map tool) to determine such spots.

Mobile design for leads: Mobile phones are mostly used for decision-making purposes while desktops for research purposes because of the convenience. A website must be compatible with mobile phones as well and must offer top class experience as it does on the desktop. If this is not achieved, it can seriously affect the quality and quantity of traffic conversion rates. 

The designers must make it a point to optimize the page loading time by bringing in the latest technologies. No one will wait more than a specified period if the page becomes unresponsive. To make sure the website loads on time on the mobile phone, the designer can eliminate some features which will otherwise be available in the desktop version.

ConvertPro Plugin For Lead Generation

The ConvertPro plugin has a lot of features that will help you make your theme good enough to generate leads without hassles. Starting from the Drag and drop builder to opt-in forms, all the features in this plugin are designed to improve the website efficiency in a Lead generation. 

When you install the plug-in, you will find some professional design templates to improve the conversion rates specifically. As for other plugins, you might not find some compatibility with cloud Technology but ConvertPro does help and it helps you to improve the performance of their site.

If you are installing the lead generation plugin on your website, then you will get templates automatically stored on your server for further use. With its compatibility with cloud Technology, the templates stored in the template cloud can be used and only install which are you want to use. For better lead generation, it is important to display the right offers at the right time and make sure it reaches the user which is why you need to use the triggers from the convert Pro plugin.

Do It Better

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization is an unavoidable tool in the online advertising field to make sure a website gets its reach. SEO involves attracting traffic from free, organic search results that surface when a customer enters particular keywords and is an integral part of the lead generation process.

SEO configuration can give your website a head start. An SEO configured site can beat a website that is not SEO configured, but this does not necessarily mean it is performing well. The ability to make an SEO configured website perform well lies in the hands of the Web development team.

Using Lead Generation tools: If you are new to the lead generation process and need a guide on how to generate leads for websites, then it is a great idea to use Lead generation tools like Convert Pro. Convert Pro is an efficient lead generation tool for a website that provides a platform to create unique and tailored designs. There is also a wide range of templates from which one can choose.

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads With Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation for websites can bring about two changes – one is that the sales and reach of the company drastically improve, and the other being gaining the trust and confidence of the customers. The latter is important because it brings about credibility and social commitment. Whatever may the process involved to attain the lead generation, it must be ethical and should not interfere with a customer’s privacy. HubSpot’s statistics found that 54% more leads are not by traditional paid marketing. Inbound tactics create them and indicate the top priority to the right kind of content creation.

Some of the hacks and tips to generate leads for your website are performing a conversion audit. It is using the service of call tracking, identifying the activities of the visitors. It is also about understanding the google analytics data, using the offer of exit popup, installing a live chat, and using video to deliver the message.

ConvertPro is one of the effective popup plugins in WordPress that the users you likely online marketers and bloggers and developers can use to improve their conversations on their websites. On the other hand, we could simply say that any small or large business can use the same. The plugin helps you to build the email list and improve traffic thereby promoting your products, making most of your marketing budget.

It seamlessly works on WordPress websites starting from version 4.1. You do not have to be a coder to work on convert bro given the easy to use interface thereby making it easy to start with proper opt-in forms. If you think it is going to slow down the performance of the website, then you are wrong. The modular architecture ensures there is no unnecessary module loading procedure and the cloud technology in shares you download the template only which you require.

Finding The Visitors And Data

Identifying the activities of the visitors: When you detect the activity of the visitor, you will know where the visitors of the websites are clicking and where they aren’t clicking. After finding out the clicks of the visitors, you can take a different position from the offers from the areas of dead zones to those areas that attract clicks. There are tools available that show where the visitors are clicking. Finding the activities is more like an insight into where the users are clicking and where they are seeing. You can use these insights to convert more traffic.

Understanding the Google Analytics data: When you analyze your Google Analytics data, you will know the sources of traffic that are producing conversions and the origins of traffic that aren’t generating conversions. You will know what the traffic sources are doing before converting the traffic. It helps you to make significant changes. You will be able to eliminate the poor sources of traffic after understanding the Google Analytics data. You will be able to scale up the marketing efforts that have an actual higher percentage of conversions.

Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads
Hacks And Tips To Help Your Website Generate Leads

More Tips

Using an offer of exit pop up: Most of the visitors to the website never return. So, it is better to make the most out of the options. There is an exit popup offer. You can use the proposals to increase the conversion rates. There would be an increase in the conversion rates with less amount, but over time it will improve the overall return on investment.

Installing a live chat: Installing a live chat is a simple tool, but it has more benefits. This tool will assist the visitors to the website. It will provide clarification to the website visitors. It will produce a good result. Also, it is a low-cost option.

Using video to deliver the message: When you will able to capture the attention of the visitors to your website, you will be able to generate more leads. You have to introduce different ways to grab the attention of the visitors. Using an explanatory video to deliver the message will educate the viewers. It will captivate and entertain them.


As we value privacy as the most prized possession in this digital era, lead generation techniques such as call tracking might be under question. Even though some organizations claim this technique to be effective, some customers may find it difficult to let their calls being tracked and recorded. In the quest for discovering how to make lead generation for website more effective, one must not tamper the fundamental rights of individuals as service and privacy are not supposed to become an oxymoron.

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