How To Avoid Online Business Scams (2019)

How To Avoid Online Business Scams (2019)

Avoid online business scams, there are so much out there, and we want to help you not to make the same mistakes we made. Becoming successful can be intimidating and frustrating at times, especially in the beginning. We have all been there.

How can we make sure we aren’t getting the information overload disease? On the one hand, you want to learn how to make money online the right way, but on the other hand, there is so much information! Too much information can be confusing, and inevitably, you will have information overload. Because of that, you have to learn how to make things simple and get only the information you need.

How To Avoid Online Business Scams: You Don’t Necessarily Have To Buy Courses

Believe it or not, but every bit of information you need is out there. Whether it’s on youtube videos or blog posts, everything you need to know is out there. The only difference between finding the information yourself than buying a course is that in a course everything is laid down to you in a silver spoon. How many times you’ve purchased a program only to find out you already know everything that it says, only to realize that the only thing you’ve gotten through the course is the wake-up call to work hard?

Guess what; there isn’t a secret technique or a secret sausage. You don’t need to pay 400+ dollars on a course when everything you need to know you can watch on YouTube. One of the best YouTube channels out there that we highly recommend is called income school. Above all, you have to know in which order you should learn things.

How To Learn Properly And Avoid Online Business Scams

When you want to train your brain to remember, you have to learn non-stop repeatedly. To teach your subconsciousness, you have to do either of two things. You have to either do meditation or to repeat a process until it’s your second nature. Those are the two ways possible to train your subconscious.

Why do you think you know how to ride a bicycle even though you haven’t done it in years? Because in the past you trained and repeated this process that no matter how much time will pass by, you will always remember how to do that.

With that said, the best way to learn correctly is to chop this whole thing up into parts, into stages. Each stage you want to learn you have to train and repeat it until you will do that naturally. Which stages are there anyway?

The Stages To Success

In regards to affiliate marketing, you have first to pick a niche that you have experience with or at least have a passion for that niche. After that, the training starts. You have to find the right keywords and learn how to come up with good creative ideas for blog posts.

How do you do that? You are answering peoples questions. When you think like the reader, you will come up with follow-up questions, and you will answer them in your post.

We will give you an example, but this applies to everything. Let’s say for instance, that people search on google: how do I invest in the stock market? Finding those keywords is a practice of itself, using a keyword research tool, find out easy to target keywords with low competition and high search volume is essential. After you trained yourself to find keyword ideas and use a keyword research tool, you will prepare yourself on how to write articles.

How do I invest in the stock market? How would you write an article for that? Firstly, you need to answer follow-up questions, that’s the secret. After you wrote how to invest, you have to answer, well, how much should I spend in the beginning? Where to invest? Does it have risks? How people got rich through investing? Etc. Secondly, make sub-titles and answer those follow-up questions, that will make your article way longer, and the probability of its ranking at number one will grow bigger.

Do It Step By Step

It’s crucial to do this step by step. Learn first how to find the right keywords, search blog posts, and YouTube videos on that topic. Try for yourself and see what works for you and what isn’t. After you got familiar with searching for keywords and blog post ideas, before you even start writing, try to have at least 20-30 ideas for blog posts. That way, you will only have to write them down because you already researched in advance. You don’t have to search again and then write.

Training yourself to write blog posts would be the next step, again you have to search on YouTube and google how to write correctly, using our example as a rule of thumb should help. The next step is to learn how to make a website, how to design it, how to use WordPress so that you could upload all of your work to your site. You will also have to learn how to monetize it, how to keep track of your earnings, how to maximize profits. The only important thing is to do it one step at a time. That way, you will have the right expertise.

Avoid “Magic” One Click Success Software

Magic software is the biggest online business scams out there, and you have to avoid it. They promise you that you don’t have to work, that it’s all automated. The software will do everything by itself. Those things don’t work.

Other scams you should avoid are online business networks. To clarify the idea of an online business network, you pay for the product; they “teach” you how to make money online. They teach you how to sell their product to other people and get a commission. That is a pyramid scheme. You launch a digital online platform, you teach others how to sell that specific platform, and give them commissions. On the contrary, some platforms teach you how to market every platform and not only theirs.

The one digital online platform that we know of that is excellent is called WealthyAffiliate. And why is that? Because they have a free membership, they don’t have any up costs. If you want a premium membership, you only pay 49 dollars per month, and you get all of the benefits. Furthermore, they don’t only teach you how to sell their product to other people. They inform you how to create affiliate marketing websites in any niche you want.

Reverse Engineer

A key component to success is the ability to analyze and reverse engineer your competition. For instance, you can go to a website like Worth Of Web and see how much a site is earning. After that, you have to check how this website makes money. Does it have ads? Which type of ads? Does it have a digital product? A course? Affiliate links? How many visitors does that site have? Which kind of blog posts? How do those blog posts rank? You have to ask all of those questions and do your research because that is how you’ll succeed.

How To Avoid Online Business Scams – In Conclusion

Don’t buy unnecessary courses, invest that money in getting traffic, getting the tools you need, such as email marketing software, hosting, domain name, and pay writers to outsource your content. Don’t believe to magic pills and miraculous software because they are probably online business pyramid scams and you should avoid them. Work hard and get results.

Reverse engineer your competition. Discover, for example, why and how your competition is ranking at number one. Discover how much money they approximately make and how they make that money. To succeed, you have to do all of those things because there are no shortcuts. Because you have one goal, you should stick to it. We also recommend that you check out how to spy on your competitors to get new ideas for success. Thank you for reading!

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