How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest

Step Number 1: Create A Business Account

You will quickly learn how to claim your website on Pinterest in this blog post. The process of claiming your site on Pinterest is relatively easy if you’ll follow this tutorial. First of all, you have to have a business Pinterest account. You can create a new business account in this link, but you have to log out of your existing Pinterest account before clicking the link. If you want to convert your existing account from personal to a business account, you can go to this link. Another option to convert your account is to go to settings-account settings directly, and you will see a button to turn your personal account to business and vice versa.

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest 1
You can click convert to personal account to change it back to personal account and vice versa

Step Number 2: Claim Your Website

Now we can move to the 2nd step, actually claiming your website! on the same page that’s on the picture above, click on ‘claim.’ After that, type your website’s URL and click on ‘claim.’

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest
Choose the first option, it’s much easier.

To claim your website, you have to either add the HTML tag directly to your website or upload an HTML file through your hosting company to the website’s root directory. Since in every hosting company the upload option would be different, we will stick with the first one. If you have Yoast SEO plugin then you’re good to go, if not you’d have to download a plugin that will enable you to add HTML tags. Click on the SEO tab on your dashboard and then on social and then Pinterest. Paste your HTML code on the white box and then click ‘save changes.’ Congratulations! You have claimed your website on Pinterest!

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest 3
Paste the HTML tag here.

Step Number 3: Analyze Your Data

Now you can go back to Pinterest, then click on ‘analytics’ – overview. This process of collecting data can take time. Usually, a day or two for Pinterest to collect and analyze the data, therefore, wait patiently. You can see how many impressions, and actual clicks go from your pins to your website.

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest 5
It will take time for numbers to show.

Average daily impressions mean how many people saw pins that you connected to your website every day. Average regular viewers indicate how many people went into your site each day. You can click on ‘more’ on the top right to see more info.

How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest 7
You can see exactly how many impressions each pin has, how many clicks to your website and how many times people saved your pins.

Now you can see after a while which pin(s) perform the best and give you the highest amount of traffic. Therefore you should repin your best-performed ones, and this is how you’ll get more traffic. Your top pins will already show on top for SEO when people search them. You can repin them in group boards to get more people to repin and save them, as well as click on them. If you want to learn how to make your pins go viral and learn Pinterest SEO click here to read our article on the subject. In conclusion, we hope this guide helped you, and you now know how to claim your website on Pinterest. Thank you very much for reading!

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