How To Create A Website For Beginners (2019)

How To Create A Website For Beginners (2019)

In this guide on how to create a website for beginners, moreover, we will walk you through step-by-step on how to create a beautiful website for your business as a complete beginner. Whether you have a real business and you need a website for it, or your website is your business. You have come to the right place.

The Essential Steps That Will Help You Create A Website For Beginners:

  • Which hosting should you choose, and why it’s crucial to pick a good one
  • what is a domain name and how to choose the right domain name for your website
  • WordPress, why it’s so popular and how to install and use it
  • how to design your website
  • create content for your website
  • monetize your site and make money from it

Step 1 Choosing Your Hosting:

So what is a hosting provider anyway? A hosting company provides you the virtual hard drive in which all of your site data resides. When you purchase a hosting plan, they give you a virtual space within one of their servers. In other words, it’s a powerful computer that can store all of your website data remotely.

which hosting company should I choose?

The short answer would be SiteGround. I want to explain to you first why your hosting company is probably the most critical choice for your website. The number one reason for your website being slow is your hosting company. Therefore, you must choose a good one. Sure, you can tweak and change many things to help boost your website speed and performance. But the primary principal component for your website speed is the hosting provider. That is to say, the better the server that your site is using, the faster it’ll be. As a result, Google will love your site, and it’s a parameter in search rankings. Your visitors will be also likely to stay more on your website.

How To Create A Website For Beginners (2019) 1
This is the quality of their servers, it’s really top tier in terms of infrastructure.
this is the first step in order to create a website
Those are the plans. we recommend the GrowBig package for beginners.

The pricing is reasonable. To think that for the price of a cup of Coffee, you can run a full website. That’s amazing.

Step 2 Choosing Your Domain Name:

The 2nd most crucial decision for your brand new website is your domain name. You should choose a domain name that will represent what your site is about so that your visitors will know what to expect. You can buy a domain with your hosting company, but you don’t have to, it’s up to you, whatever is the cheapest option you’ll find. We recommend GoDaddy; it’s the best in the industry and most well-known domain name company.

How To Create A Website For Beginners (2019) 3
Choose an existing domain you bought elsewhere or just purchase one with SiteGround.

As you can see, the process is straightforward; you can buy the domain name through SiteGround or type the domain you already bought elsewhere.

Your Domain Is Your Property

We should also note that there are domains that cost a lot of money because it’s a property, it’s like real estate; therefore you don’t have to buy a domain that costs thousands of dollars, a regular domain name costs between 10 to 15 dollars per year. Next up, you’ll need to install WordPress, which is the platform that your website sits. To do this, you’ll have one-click install once you register to SiteGround. Please make a note, that not all hosting providers offer this simple install. Therefore, if you choose a different hosting, you’ll probably need to install WordPress, which can be a little complicated manually. To enter your management area, you’ll need to enter your websites URL, for example,, and it will look like this:

How To Create A Website For Beginners
This is the back-end of your website. From here you can create pages, blog posts, add plugins, and more.

From there, you can customize your websites design, posts, pages, and much more! You’ll want to use a great theme to change your footer and header of the site, and use a page builder to design the content of the pages themselves, and it is easier than it sounds.

Note that you may have to check your email for confirmation that you are the owner of the domain you have purchased. Be sure to confirm that. You will also have to encrypt your website with an SSL certificate. Because in every hosting company, the process would be a bit different, we can’t list them all. If you have SiteGround, you can check their guide here.

Step 3 Designing Your Website And Create Content:

It’s time to optimize your website for day to day work and start designing your website to be beautiful!

Make A Few Optimizations Before You Start Writing

There are some cleaning you need to make before you start working because you don’t want dummy content and unnecessary stuff on your site. Go to both posts, pages, and comments, and delete everything. After that, add new pages like home, contact us, about us, blog. For the pages to show on the menu, you have to add them.

How to add pages to the WordPress menu
Click on Appearance – Menus – tick the box on the pages you want to add – Add to Menu.
You can rearrange the pages by drag and drop as you see fit.

Now you want to go to Settings – Permalinks – Choose Post Name – click Save Settings. That way, the URL will change based on your post names, and it’s great for SEO. You should add plugins like Yoast SEO, Elementor for the designing, and whichever plugins you need for fluid day to day work. If you want detailed help on how to use WordPress, click here to read our guide.

Design Your Website

Now comes an important decision. You can choose to design the website yourself, and it has it’s learning curves, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to do that, it should take you roughly 2-4 hours to fully build the website’s structure and design. We strongly recommend using Elementor or Divi page builders. The former is a free tool with a paid option, and for the latter, you’ll have to pay, but you can pay for an attractive lifetime subscription, instead of paying monthly.

The best option if you’re entirely new is to install the free version of Elementor and play with it, and later upgrade to the paid version, or switch to Divi which can be far more cheaper if you’re buying the lifetime package. The other option is that you’ll pay someone else to do that for you, and all you’ll have to worry about is to make blog posts which are an effortless task. To pay for someone else to design your website for you, go to Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace when you can buy the services of freelancers for low prices. You can also pay for them to make your blog posts instead of you, if you have the money for it, so you’ll save a lot of time.

Step 4 Monetize Your New Website:

So, you’ve built your website; you wrote a bunch of content (check Grammarly for helping you write blog posts mistake-free), how do you make money from it? There are a couple of things you can do:

Run Ads On Your Website

Once you have the right amount of traffic, you can place ads on your website. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it’s completely passive income on your end. If you have a brand new site, you can start using Google Adsense. You won’t make any significant amount of money, but it’s a start. When the time comes for your website to be massive, you can apply to more premium ad networks.

Affiliate Marketing

There are a ton of affiliate programs these days, and if you’re recommending a product or a service, be sure to check on google if it has an affiliate program and join it! The main idea is that you’ll get a unique link, and whenever a buyer buys the product through your URL, you will get a commission. The most popular affiliate platforms are Clickbank, JVZOO, ShareASale, Shopify.

Create A Product Of Your Own

The only thing that will make you a millionaire is to have your own product/course. There are plenty of excellent platforms which you can use to make a course/digital product. If you want to make a digital course, you can try Teachable; it’s a great platform that you can use to make an online course.

Add An Online Store

You can add an online store and sell physical and digital products. If you want to sell physical products, you should use the WooCommerce plugin. It’s free to use. However, if you’re going to sell digital products (better in our opinion), you can use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The plugin is also free, and they both have paid versions, but you don’t have to buy them in the beginning.

Because you have created a website and know the process, you can now teach other people how to create a website for beginners as well. And remember that the more you do something, the more of an expert you become about that topic as a result of learning the subject deeply.

Step 5 Rinse And Repeat:

The most important thing to remember is to take it easy, step by step, don’t rush it. We know that building a website as a beginner is not an easy task. Start with creating content only at first, focus on helping others, and make sure that what you’re writing is clear and helpful. Later on, you can add affiliate links now and then to the blog posts, and use google ads when you have enough traffic. Let’s say, and after a year or two, you can start thinking about creating your product. We know that there is a lot to learn, and we didn’t detail everything in this blog post.

How To Create A Website For Beginners: In Conclusion

In conclusion, this blog post is the first of many, and we will get to all the little details in other blog posts. Also, this blog post will be the ‘eagle view’ the principles of what you should strive to achieve for your site. Moreover, additional tutorials are in the makings. For example, we’ll have tutorials on how to create pages, blog posts, design tips, using social media to grow your audience, and much more! Be sure to check out our brand new guide on how to protect your website from hackers. Thank You for reading.

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