How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020]
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020]

Do you want to know how to design your website in a matter of one to two days without hiring an expensive developer? You have come to the right place. Before you can start creating your website, you’ll need to buy the domain of your website and host your website in one of the hosting platforms around the world. Once you do that and install WordPress, which powers over 30% of the internet, then you can start designing the website of your dreams.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps

Getting A Domain Name

The website building starts with registering a domain name. A domain name is the main URL of the website that people will type in the address bar. The domain name of your website depends on the content on the website if it’s for your product, it should be in the form It depends on you what to choose, but the end of the website should be .com if it’s a commercial product website, .org if its an organization’s website.CountryCode is also preferred if it’s a country-specific website.

 How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners – web design statistics.

The government’s website generally ends with .gov.CountryCode. There are several other options, and you should choose accordingly and avoid garbage domains, as they have a much higher chance of being marked as spam. Several places offer domain names periodically, and you have to keep renewing it after a certain period. 

Get Hosting For Your Website

After occupying the domain name, the next step includes purchasing a hosting. Hosting is the online place that will hold all your files that will contain all the required data for your website and keep it running. Hosting is the most significant part of the site and the most sensitive as well as a vital part. Various hosting providers provide servers to host your website with a reliable internet connection and enough space to store the files of your website, providers like Hostinger, 000webhost, NameCheap, AWS, etc.

You can have any configuration. You can choose the location of the servers. Later on, when your website starts to grow, more and more users will be on your website, viewing and downloading content that you provide. The machine won’t be able to hold up to so many users, so you will have to scale up and increase the configurations of your server. But that’s for the future.

Now you should choose the most basic plan that they are providing and view for security options like protection from DOS or DDOS attacks. The price of hosting is also periodic as you are only renting their servers for your purpose, and they will charge on a monthly or a yearly basis. Our top hosting recommendation is SiteGround, and WordPress themselves also recommends it.

Install WordPress

When you finish the domain and hosting process, you have to install WordPress on your website. WordPress is a tool to access the backend of your website. From there, you can create pages, posts, manage the comments of your visitors, upload media files such as images and videos, and more.

Some of the hosting providers provide a single-click installation of WordPress on your hosting. Still, if there isn’t a single-click installation, you can always go for a manual installation of WordPress on your website. After installing WordPress, now you have more than 1500 free themes to your exposure and can choose any one of them. A theme is the face of your website. It decides how the pages will look. You can change the content and add pages like contact, about us, etc.

To access the backend of your website, type after that, type your username and password, and you’ll be at the WordPress dashboard.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020] 1
How To Design Your Website – The WordPress dashboard.

One of the recommended themes in WordPress is Divi, it is not free, but it’s elegant, it’s vibrant. It’s more than a theme. It’s a self-platform that allows you to change the view of the website in a more user-friendly way. It gives you a graphical interface and complete design control over everything. After finding the perfect theme for your website, you have to install it too. To install a theme go to Appearance – Themes and then search for a theme you like and click on install and then activate.

Be aware that choosing a bad theme can hurt your website, and changing a theme after your website is built and have content could break it. So you have to choose a good theme from the start. Divi offers both a theme and a page builder in the same package, so you won’t have to spend more money on different tools to design your site.

Divi’s Features

After you install the Divi theme, you’ll have to learn how to design your website. We won’t go into great detail on how to do that because it has a bit of learning curve, but you can see in their documentation, videos and you can even try a live demo of the product before you buy so you can learn the basics pretty quickly.

Divi provides a lot of customization to the theme, like inline editing, setting gradient, and also lets you upload your custom fonts to make your website even more custom. Divi comes handy to use when adding a page as it has several keyboard shortcuts. Adding content in your website is essential as no one will come to your site to look at the template, you will have to have some value, something extraordinary and encouraging for the user so that the user should come again, without hesitating.

With the new Divi 4.0 update, you are now able to design custom headers and footers, product pages, blog page, shop page, blog posts, 404 pages, you can customize the entire website to your liking.

How To Design Your Website With Divi – Basic Explanation

On each page, you create (like the home page for example), you’ll see the ‘enable visual builder’ button. When you’ll click on it you can start designing the page with Divi. The basic layout of Divi is built with three components. sections in blue, rows in green, and modules in black. Sections are meant to organize your design. Meaning that there will be a hero section, call to action section, contact us section, etc. In each section, there will be modules that will be populated by the number of rows you choose.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020] 3

As you can see from the image, this is the backend design, so you could see better what’s going on. We can see that there is one section in blue which you can edit. Any editing there will affect all of the elements in the section. Then you have one row, and then three rows and each one have modules populated inside. You can edit things at the section level, row-level, and module level.

Now let’s analyze a real section in a website’s design:

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020] 5
Here is the newsletter section
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020] 7
Editable view

As you can see, this section contains two rows. The first row includes a divider module, a title module, and a subtitle module. The second row consists of three different rows, but the email module populates only the middle one.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners [2020] 9
From the backend view.

Now you know the basics of how to design your website with the help of Divi. Keep in mind that everything is drag and drop, meaning you can move the rows, modules, and sections by dragging your mouse and dropping them wherever you want them. You can delete, save, duplicate, transfer, or edit each section, row, and module. Getting into all the details can be long, so we encourage you to play with the live demo Divi provides for free if you click our link. Please get to know the software, experiment, watch their videos, and read their documentation.

After you are familiar with Divi, you can buy their excellent lifetime plan and design an unlimited amount of websites! Knowing how to create your website without any code is a great option, and it’ll take you only a couple of days to get the hang of Divi and know how to design websites effortlessly.

We’ve forgotten to mention that if you don’t want to design everything from scratch, you don’t have to because Divi offers over 1000 page layouts for you to choose. So you can only change the titles, descriptions, images, etc. Only make small adjustments, and you don’t even have to design everything.

Time To Publish

After all these steps, that includes purchasing the domain and hosting, installing WordPress, installing the theme, and adding content that you wanted to share, the website is ready to publish and reflect the content on the domain. It lets the public view the content you made for them. It is high-time. It is the time to get more traffic and spread the link to your website, the domain you booked.

Ask for friends and families to check your site and make sure to check on different devices to check the compatibility of the device. Generally, the website’s get unorganized in mobile or shorter windows, so make sure to have responsive web pages that could adjust themselves according to the window size.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

Keeping Website Updated

After publishing, when the users are getting to know about your website, you need to keep updating it. It is because no one will be back if there is nothing new on your site if it’s your blog keep updating it recent happenings if it’s a product page, keep them updated about every news about it. It will start late, but it will have a ripple effect as more and more users visit your website. Not all, but surely a few of them will tell their friends and families that they liked your content, and this will start a chain reaction.

If everything goes well, you will soon be running a successful website. While Updating, keep one thing in mind, that the theme of all the pages should remain the same, do not try to experiment and add new design in every post of yours, but keep it constant. It will look hideous if you have a unique design in every article. Only some exceptions are there but try less to experiment on the website, as it will have a social impact.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

Proper Website Design

“The first impression is the last impression,” keeping this proverb in mind, and it reasonably concludes that within the first 5 seconds of someone watching a webpage of a website, he/she develops an opinion about the same. Thus engaging the interest of individuals within this time interval is a vital component in webpage designing.

Depending on your professionalism in the webpage, trust develops among the visitors. As of now, most of the small scale businesses to medium scale businesses have their websites where one can avail all of their services. Using proper webpage designing tools or using services of a webpage developing firm, they have been able to create a site catering to the needs of the company at the time, making it user-friendly and informative.

Your design should be consistent, use color pallets that fit. Don’t use too many colors, use one to two fonts to keep your typography match, and make sure your main design is also consistent and looks familiar on every page your visitors go to so that they’ll know it’s your website.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

Below are a few reasons why website designing becomes an asset to the organization or business

Visible aesthetic components: The visual components the website is what the user will see first. Thus it becomes essential to make it as readable as possible and not confusing in any way. The proper font, sizing, background are all vital to make it more appealing to the user.

It is advisable to use colors and suitable fonts that will show the nature of products sold on the website. For example, is a website on environmental hazards issues. It has a green color background indifferent shades with Arial font to make it look pleasing and address the environmental issue at the same time. 

A right webpage should clearly show its objective by using appropriate visuals and background and should be not be cluttered.

Showcasing the brand: It is what sets a company apart from other competitors. A good website should leave a lasting impression on the user as he/she is a part of it and its belongingness. Branding is what gives the company its recognition, and hence an easily identifiable logo is essential for the same.

It is achieved by adequately advocating the logo on the webpage at the right places and making it distinct from others. Using the proper logo is mandatory as that what the users will identify the company with, your brand. It instead is an essential aspect as a slight change in color or style may create confusion among the users. It also makes arise the question of authenticity and may lead to trust issues with the users.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

Web page layout and Navigation: A website is useful only when you can easily read, use, or understand. It should have a plan such that even a non-specialist can use it and understand its objective. Just because you can add a component, you should necessarily add as more the clutter, more the confusion, and hence, more the chance that the user may stop using the site.

A good website must have a proper, crisp, and simple layout with the navigation tools easily accessible. It should make the user experience seamless and enable him to explore the site without getting lost. The inclusion of a chatbox is cherry on top to help the users directly address their queries.  

Interaction and problem addressing: The thing that makes a webpage engaging is the way addresses an issue. When people start using a product, they always go for the better option. They will go to the institutes that are prompt in addressing and solving problems while maintaining the quality of the product.

For example, take the website of TESLA; it is seamless & visually appealing. One can quickly look through all the cars without in a transitional frame. Moreover, the tesla logo that entrusts the users with its care, also the booking process, has made it far easier to book, and they then deliver it to the customer.

The above example may be right for a big company. However, any company can acquire the values and discipline they followed by them.

If your visitors don’t find your website appealing, they will not trust you. A sloppily designed website doesn’t convey trust. Suppose a person wants to buy your products because of your prices and discount, but still, he is not sure because of your unappealing website, he will go for some other sites to fulfill his needs. He has a lot of options which are better than your website. It is a crucial step to know how to design your website correctly.

That’s why it’s essential to build trust with your new visitors. Because it is an opportunity for your business, tailor your creativity in a better manner. If your texts and graphic skills are as same as your client’s need, then only it will engage him. It’s necessary to create content based on their requirements to find your potential customers. If they are happy with their experience, they will come back to your site again and again.

Keeping in mind the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Keywords: This is the technical aspect of a website. It may be easy for the users to read the contents of the webpage, however placing them at the proper place and alignment for correct visualization is what gets most of the work done.

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners
How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners

A user may want to know the most important details of the company first; hence the designer must place them accordingly. Also, about SEO, placing proper keywords in the content of the webpage is essential. It will help in increasing the traffic along with the reachability of the page.

Your competitors are already trying to build their image in the market, and if you want to remain in the competition, you must redesign or update your website design. The best way to grow faster than them is to make your website unique. A perfectly designed logo can help to attract more customers, and good typology work makes your content more attractive and understandable. Your website design is an opportunity to make your brand or business look different. 

How To Design Your Website In Simple Steps For Beginners – Conclusion

WordPress owns almost 52% of the website building business, and this is because of how easy it made to make your website, not only coders but now everyone can create their website. That’s the reason behind recommending to build a website with WordPress. It is easy to develop and provide most of the features with a low price and offers excellent service to their users. We hope we helped you understand how to design your website with Divi. Thank you for reading!

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