How To Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website [2020]
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

How To Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website [2020]

Maintaining a blog or website is not a cakewalk. Especially when you have to make creative and engaging content that can attract the audience/customers, it is also highly relevant to spend some time and create content for the blog or website to make it worth it. Therefore, it becomes the need of the hour to hire writers or content creators. In this article, we’ll explain in a practical way, how to find the best writers for your blog or website.

Writing is an art of expressing our emotions and thoughts about a particular topic. We can express our feelings through writing. A person who writes regularly on various issues is known as a writer. There should be some etiquettes to be followed by while writing on any topics, and the writer who understands and follows all the rules of writing becomes the best writer. For an employer finding an employee to work under him/her as a writer, it takes a lot of effort, but it will be solved by reading this article carefully.

Hiring freelance content creators are, in a way, resourceful, but there come enormous responsibilities with it. You will have to make guidelines, assign deadlines, deal with the contracts and paycheque, and collect feedback and comments. If you want a short answer to where you should find great writers for your site, go to the iwriter website we’ll link below. If you want more options and a better understanding of the process, keep reading.

How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

Types Of Writers

The next question that pops up in your mind might be how to get writers for my website or Where can I find freelance writers. There are so many options that one may get perplexed in deciding which is the best place to find freelance content creators. Here are some simple yet effective ways and tips on how to find writers for your blog.

Subject Experts: There are numerous experienced content creators, especially freelance writers, but it is essential to find the experienced one who you need. Expertise in the field can create amazing and engaging content that can involve the readers. To find the experts in your area, evaluate the comments on your social media ports or previous blog posts. Thus, you can find out the ones interested in your field.

The benefit of finding content creators in this way is that they will be interested and will have vast knowledge about your previous posts and how you want it. The second benefit is that you can also check their online reputation via their social media account to be double sure about the person you are dealing with and that he’s okay.

Community Recommendations: If you find it challenging to find a suitable writer according to your requirements, it’s a great idea to seek help from your regular readers or subscribers. It can help you find guest posts as well as paid writers easily as there will be numerous people willing to support wholeheartedly.

Ghostwriters And Guest writers: Guest writers are those who are willing to write for your blogs, but the content created by them should be posted under their name only. It is the ghostwriters eager to display their content under your name. You should write and sign a contract with guest writers as well as ghostwriters. Also, you must provide the ghostwriters with an outline of what you expect, and they then must turn the framework into a fully-fledged article or content. Ghostwriters should be paid on time, whereas guest writers may or may not have a payment.

You can also hire both guest writers and ghostwriters at a time. In this way, the guest writers will be creating the outline and guidelines which can be passed on to the ghostwriters to create the final post. In both cases, they promise the quality of content. You need not have to worry about the delay in the submission of the articles.

How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

SEO copywriters: you can call SEO copywriters as the-one-who-knows all about blogging and Search engine Optimization. They have great expertise in the field of digital marketing and advertising. Therefore, these content creators can make engaging yet short and crisp content that sells your services. The material they produce will also be search engine optimized. Thus the reach of your website increases as well. They infuse keywords that are crucial to the services or products you offer and thereby increase the traffic to your site.

Guest blogging page: A guest blogging page is standard on many websites or blogs. This page is not a basic necessity, but having a tab for this page on your blog can give an image of what types of writeups or content you expect. Guest Blogging page can also attract content creators who are up for one-off posts or are willing towards a regular contribution.

How To Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

A point to be noted while setting up a guest blogging page is to mention keywords that can help potential guest content writers or bloggers to land up on your website or blog. If you don’t know how to find relevant keywords in your niche, check the KWFinder tool that’ll help you find profitable keywords.

Freelance Sites

There are numerous freelance websites where you can find the right person for creating your blog posts. These sites are, in fact, pools of talents. All you need is to enter the article for which you are looking and the field you want and select based on their profile or resume. Buying posts from freelance sites are excellent if you mostly write your content yourself, and want to outsource some of it every once in a while. The best freelance website is Iwriter.

Content Creation Agencies

Content creation agencies can be of great help when you can’t find the right freelance writer for writing your blog posts. The content or post written will be top-notch and is excellent when you have to stand out from your competitors. The posts will reach you in a short period, and you do not have to worry about handling the administrative works.

Thus, you will get more time to focus on other aspects of your company, and at the same time, the posts will be delivered on time. The main con of hiring a content creation agency is that it is much more expensive than hiring freelance writers. But these extra expenses can be recouped in the long run. You can find content agencies in sites like Upwork. Content creation agencies are your best bet if you outsource all of your content.

How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

Posting On Social Media

Social media are one of the best places to find freelance writers. In addition to finding freelance writers from your comments, you can also post about the talent you are looking for in social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc. While doing so, the field, deadlines, guidelines, and pay scale should be in such a way that there is no room for confusion. The advantage of this method is that only genuinely interested writers who have expertise in the field will show up. Such writers usually demand exposure over huge paycheques.

One On One Interview

Selecting some random freelance writers who claim to have expertise in your field and asking them to submit any two articles related to that field does not work. Instead, show a blog article that you like. Mention what you want about it- the tone, format, or structure of speech, whatever may it be. Then ask them to create a similar engaging article with their creativity. This method yields impressive results. The technique might seem tedious and time-consuming, but in the long run, the quality of posts will be of the standard you expect them to have.

Peer Groups

It is one step that most people ignore while in the quest to find the best freelancers. The talents hidden in your peer groups can leave you surprised. There might be great wordsmiths among your friends or family members who haven’t got the right opportunity or time to discover themselves. Finding the required talent from peer groups can help you immensely as you can do the briefing informally, and also you do not have to stress following the deadlines.

Finding Full-time or Freelance Writers

A thorough analysis of your competitors’ website can give you an insight into the way they appeal to the market audience or readers. If you find the content that matches your taste and preferences, see the writers from the contacts or bylines and get in touch with them. It is the easiest way to find writers. You can also hire writers from a well-established firm for writing your posts. Even though its tough to hire writers who are brand names in the field, the right attitude and intention of yours can make up their mind to wright for you.

Attracting Potential Writers To Your Page

The question of how to find writers for your blog/website must clear by now. But then the next question is how to attract them to your site. It is not easy as it seems to put up a write up that is engaging as well as is short. So is the case while you put up a job post or post on a freelance job page. The description of the article you are offering should sound raw, real, and achievable.

Freelancers usually ignore job posts, which look like wanting them to be superhuman. You can never expect a freelancer to multi-task. Therefore, the job post should sound that the company offering it is approachable and is work-friendly. Make it a point to add the details of the work (if possible, an outline), the working hours, the field, or the audience targeted and, most importantly, the rewards.

Finding the required freelance writer can be time-consuming, but if it benefits your organization or company, then it is worth the time. Not all freelancers prefer to accept their pay in cheques. Many write for a living. What they need may be exposure to excel further in the field. Giving credits to the writers by adding a byline in your blog or website can surely provide them with the exposure and also will attract more interested writers. Like you, there may be someone else pondering where you can find freelance writers. So, the byline might help them as well. Healthy competition always motivates you to stretch your limits.

How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website

Reason And Tips To Find The Best Writers

Today, writers are in a lot of much demand than before as the number of magazines has increased and not only magazines but advancement in technology has to lead to various E-Magazines and websites available for blog writers and social topic writers. We have several websites but less number of writers of which find the best writer is a job tough as everyone lack in one or two skills. But still, many people are extraordinary at this task. Finding them is tough, but through the points given below, it becomes easier. 

Reading Habit – To become a successful writer, the most crucial factor that some people overlook is reading habits. A person should read a book or a newspaper every day to expand his/her knowledge. He can also increase the level of grammar and vocabulary. It is because they matter a lot while writing an article or something.

Creative Inputs – Let us say a writer is to add up creative thoughts to their writings as it makes the article attractive and appealing.

Practicing Regular – No one is perfect in this world. But as it is said, ‘Practice makes Man Perfect’ a writer has to work on this motto. Practicing every day will help the writer in improving his/her skills and developing his/her knowledge.

Plagiarism – A real writer always looks for writing plagiarism free content. Writing is not an easy task, but copying an article, which is the fruit of hard work of other writers, is also not a good thing. A writer must make his/her own and unique content so that people would like to read it repeatedly.

Grasping Knowledge – Knowledge is available in an abundant quantity in nature. We should acquire all the knowledge available in life as well as from our seniors. It will help to write a different and unusual article, ultimately leading to specializing it.

Dedication – We know that ‘People with utmost dedication, brings out the best work.’ The meaning of this beautiful statement is a person can bring out all his/her efforts and dedication to render you the best work ever done. Writers with full commitment can perform his/her job at any time or anywhere.

Never to miss on any qualities – They are considered artists in a way. An artist never losses their qualities at any cost. The writer has to stay up to his mark and never let anyone down due to his work. 

How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website
How to Find The Best Writers For Your Blog Or Website


There are many writers in the world, but everyone has a deficiency of one or more quality in them. These qualities should be brought up in their endless thinking brains or should be enhanced as it is the requirement for today’s competitive world. As an employer, you always want to hire the best writer as they are eligible to work on any given topic at any given time. Choosing the best writer for your work can help you in many ways, but you must be sharp at it. 

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