How To Increase Your Website Speed (2020)

How To Increase Your Website Speed (2020)

For beginners and non-technical people.

In this guide, you will learn how to increase your website speed. It is at most importance because it affects both SEO and visitors staying on your website. The longer the site will load, the fewer visitors will wait.

So, what affects your website speed?

Hosting Company:

The primary factor that will increase your website speed is the hosting company because the server that restores all of the information about your site is theirs. If you’ve chosen a bad hosting company, fear not, because you can migrate to a different one. We highly recommend SiteGround because they have excellent servers, fast, reliable, and have 99% downtime. They even have an optimizer plugin that uses different techniques to increase speed. We will teach you how to use it in a separate guide in the future.

Image Size:

All of the images that you upload to the website should be in high resolution on the one hand, but on the other hand, should be small in size. A tool that could help you with such matter is called Tinypng, and there are many more sites that offer the same solution. After they compress the image, it would be far smaller without damaging its quality.

tinypng will compress your image, resulting in website speed increase
simply drag and drop an image from your desktop and download the compressed version.

Plugins And Theme:

Your plugins and your website theme can affect its speed. Be sure to use a fast & minimal theme like Astra or Oceanwp; you don’t want to use a big bloated theme because you only use it for the header and footer anyway.

If you’re using Elementor pro, then be sure to download their theme which is the most minimal possible. Because you build everything including the footer and header within Elementor, so you don’t need an actual theme. The official Elementor theme is called the ‘Hello theme’.

You also need to use as fewer plugins as possible. Choose them carefully, and keep just what is most necessary. Also, make sure that you choose plugins that update frequently and with high rating and downloads.

Avoid Using Videos:

Sure, videos can be beautiful to your website, but they sure can slow it down significantly. Use videos only if necessary, a landing page could be your best option instead of putting a video on the website itself.

Use A Website Speed Tool To Check What’s Slowing Your Site Down:

A website like Pingdom is highly recommended to check in which area your website is slow.

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Load time less than 2 seconds is perfect.

Use A CDN:

Content delivery network (CDN) is a service that caches your website content and distributes it over multiple data centers around the world. When someone visits your site, the content is being delivered from the closest to your visitor server, and this will make your website loads faster. If you have SiteGround as a web hosting provider, they are giving this service for free. All you need to do is to go to my accounts – cPanel – Cloudflare and enable it.

Unnecessary Code:

While custom css and java script can add great functionality to your website, you shouldn’t use them too much. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You want to make sure the site is as lightweight as possible without unnecessary custom coding.


Malware can hurt your websites speed in many ways. One of them is slowing down your website. In order to avoid that, you would want to make sure you follow those simple recommendations:

  • Use SSL certificate to encrypt your website traffic
  • Install a security plugin like Wordfence
  • Choose a reliable and secure hosting company like SiteGround
  • Update your WordPress version, your theme and your plugins regularly
  • Use a reliable high ranking theme and up to date and reliable plugins
  • Scan with an antivirus software any external files, images, videos that you upload to your website
  • Use a strong password for your website accounts
  • enable two factor authentication
  • Maintain regular backups

How To Increase Your Website Speed In Conclusion:

Of course, there are more technical things that you can do to help squeeze a couple of milliseconds less, but we covered the essential steps that matter that doesn’t involve technical skills. In the future, we will do a guide for SiteGround optimizer, and also we will teach you how to use it to maximize your website speed fully. In any case, if you are suspicious of malware injected to your website; it can slow your site. Also, read this article to know how to deal with malware and hackers. Thank you for reading.

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