How To Install WordPress Locally

How To Install WordPress Locally

Install WordPress locally is crucial if you want to try new features and plugins; you better check them in a closed environment before you do it on a live website. Maybe you want to try a new design for your website or make further changes. Therefore, you can make all of the testings you wish to and even practice on the models on a local site that doesn’t have access to the internet. A website that sits locally on your computer.

Time To Install WordPress Locally On Your Computer

The easiest way we found doing it is through a website called Bitnami. You don’t even have to sign up, download the WordPress installation. You will need to provide a user name and password just like a regular WordPress so you could access your dashboard. After you install WordPress, you’ll need to type the address: ‘’ on your browser, then enter your user and password, and you’re in! You can mess and play with WordPress; however, you see fit.

how to install wordpress locally on your computer
Choose the option highlighted in orange. On my computer – Win/Mac/Linux.
How To Install WordPress Locally 1
Download the right version based on your operating system.

If you want to move your work from the local server to a live website you have to download a plugin on both of the sites called All-in-one WP Migration, after you downloaded the plugin, click on its new tab on your dashboard and choose to export site to a file. Download the file to your computer. After that, on the live website, click on import and import it. It’s relatively easy to do, but we don’t recommend that you do it regularly, unless it’s a new website if it’s an active website with content, the lesser risk, the better. If you don’t have a live site yet, be sure to check our guide that will help you build one. We hope we helped you out and thank you for reading!

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