How To Make A Website Under Construction Page

How To Make A Website Under Construction Page

Using The Elementor Page Builder To Make An Under Construction Page

Making a construction page for your website is reasonably straightforward. First of all, you need to use the Elementor page builder. From your WordPress dashboard go to plugins-add new-in-the search box search for Elementor and download the plugin.

Downloading And Activating Elementor

Elementor allows you to create an under construction page
Download Elementor and click the Active button to enable the plugin.

After you downloaded the Elementor page builder plugin, you will see a new Elementor button on your dashboard. Hover over the Elementor button, and click on Tools.

How To Make A Website Under Construction Page 1
Maintenance mode allows you to create a custom coming soon or maintenance page.

Enabling Maintenance Mode

Now you can choose either coming soon or maintenance. A ‘coming soon’ page is excellent for a brand new website that you want to tweak and design as you please, check that everything works correctly both in mobile, desktop, and tablet until you’re satisfied. You can use an under construction/maintenance page for an upgrade or a change that you want to make that will take a couple of days at most. Another use for the maintenance page is when something terrible happened to your website, and you don’t want visitors to see a broken website before you fix it.

Creating A Template For Under Construction Or Coming Soon page

Before you can enable the maintenance mode, you have to create a custom template. Click on the ‘create one’ link on the page, name it as you see fit, and click the ‘edit with Elementor’ button.

How To Make A Website Under Construction Page 3

Click on this icon above, and from there you can choose ‘made for you’ templates. Search for ‘coming soon’ and select the one you like (some of them are for the paid version) or you can make a custom one on your own.

coming soon page
choose a coming soon construction page you like for your website.

After you picked a template you like or made one of your own, save it. Go back to the maintenance mode page, choose this template, and click ‘save changes.’ Now, whenever you work on any page on your website, no one will see it. Visitors will only see the under construction or ‘coming soon’ page until you disable it.

Elementor has a paid version that we highly recommend because it enables you to create a beautiful website all in one place. In other page builders, you have to rely on a unique theme to design your header and footer. If you have Elementor pro, you can do that all within Elementor. You get a lot more features including hundreds of made for you templates you can use. The free version of Elementor is excellent if you have only one website. When you have multiple sites, or you build websites for clients, consider purchasing the pro version.

If you don’t know how to start designing your website and your coming soon page, check this post about design guidelines. We hope it will help you. Thank you very much for reading!

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