How To Make Your Website Faster

How To Make Your Website Faster

With One Essential Tool In Less Than 5 Minutes

Making your website faster is essential because it affects how many visitors will stay on your site. When you first make a site, be sure to choose an excellent hosting company that has speed optimization tools. SiteGround has a tool called SG Optimizer, and it comes built-in when you install WordPress.

How Does This Tool Work And How Much Faster My Website Will Be?

To access SG Optimizer, you need to find it in the WordPress dashboard on your site. Once you are there, you need to make sure that you turn on all of its features. There are four different categories in this tool.

siteground optimizer will make your website faster
Easy to use, just turn on everything!

Super cacher settings- which means that your content is stored on the server’s memory, and whenever visitors come to your site, the content will load faster.

Environment optimization- Enable HTTPS: Forces your website to work with a secure connection (HTTPS) it’s essential if you have an e-commerce store. Even if you don’t sell anything on your site, you still require data from your users such as emails, names. Prying eyes can see the information that the visitors provide on the website if you don’t have a secure connection. Set your PHP version: We recommend turning this on managed PHP so that SiteGround will update it for you when it’s necessary. We recommend to turn on the other features in this category.

Front end optimization- Turn everything on except for Disable Emojis because emojis probably break and won’t work if you do that.

Image Optimization- Turn all of the features on as soon as you install your website before you add pictures and media. If you didn’t do that, you can do Existing Images Optimization but be sure to back up your site first because it can break.

In Conclusion

We highly recommend enabling all of those features before you start working on the website. That way, everything will be optimized from the very start. If you want more tips about improving your speed, be sure to check this guide.

After you let the tool do its magic, you can expect load time less than 3-2 seconds, which is ideal. If you want an external website that compresses images, check out Tinypng. Thank you for reading!

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