How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

Blogging has developed as a career choice for many people. Some do it as a passion, and some do it as their daily source of income. Many people start blogging even when they are in their early teenage. Some successful bloggers throughout the world have quit their jobs on time. The companies do not see potential in them as a blogger.

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

The success ratio of bloggers is quite low as compared to other career choices, but if bloggers do everything correctly and make the right decisions, they can also become one of the most successful bloggers in the world.

Promoting the blog is extremely important due to high competition and highly creative people around the world. If someone has a creative mind, out of the box ideas, and can outweigh the rivals in the niche, he/she can surely achieve success in very less time.

Social Media

It is an ever-growing market and a way to reach a very high number of audiences in very little time. Almost everyone uses social media nowadays regularly. It is not very expensive to promote the website on social media. The promoters can also target a specific audience to reach their target audience and not waste a single penny.

Facebook is the most common platform to promote the website on social media. It has the highest number of users among all the social media platforms. Bloggers can share their posts on this platform and become part of several groups, which will also help in getting a wider reach for the blog.

How to Promote Your Blog for Free?

Every blogger should promote the blog to increase traffic. Now, let’s talk about how to promote your blog for free. This question arises for bloggers who are new to this field and are not sure about putting in some money as they fear losing it. They can use Pinterest for this purpose as it can help to reach a wider audience without investing.

Also, if someone has their personal social media account, they can share their website or blog’s links on their account and ask their friends to share it as much as possible and help them in getting some new audience. If the content is worth reading, everyone will get enthusiastic about it and will keep checking the website for the latest content. If you want more help with Pinterest, check our article about Pinterest SEO.

How to Increase Blog Traffic In WordPress

People using WordPress often asks a question like how to increase blog traffic in WordPress. They can also increase their blog traffic with a tactic known as the email newsletter. The best way to keep the audience interested and engaged with the content is to maintain the email newsletter. It can also help in making them take specific actions, such as buying a product or sharing the blog. It helps in sharing valuable information with the audience and also remind them whenever a new blog is posted on the website. It will make sure that the one-time users also visit the blog and keep returning to see what’s new.

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

How To Promote Your Blog On Google?

Google is the largest search engine throughout the world, and most of the people search their queries on it only. Bloggers who have a high budget for promoting their blog can use Google Ads for promoting it and place ads on the relevant search results.

Bloggers can list their blog on Google by signing into and editing the privacy and choosing yes to list the blog on the search engine. It will let the world find your blog through searching on search engines such as google or bing. However, if you want to make money with blogging, you should host your website in a hosting company, buy a domain, and use WordPress. Our hosting recommendation is SiteGround because it’s fast, cheap, reliable, and secure. If blogging is only a hobby of yours, you can use blogger or other free platforms. 

But some bloggers are new to blogging and don’t have a very high budget. They can use some tactics to promote a website on Google. One of which is Search Engine Optimization. Using relevant and most used keywords in the blog, posts, or pages that compliments the content can list the website higher in the search results.

Write On Latest And Trending Topics

It is essential to write on topics that are fresh and trending in the market. People will not like to read blogs on outdated issues about which they already have some information. They would love to click on current topics that are trending, and most people are not aware of it. Why would someone waste some time to read which he/she already knows? Google Trends is a better way to see if a particular topic is famous among the people who search on the search engines or not.

Promoting On Forums And Similar Blogs

An excellent way to promote a blog and drive more traffic is to collaborate with similar blogs. It is the place where you can find people who will like to read your blog as they have similar interests. Commenting on those blogs and dropping links to your blog can help attract some audience and increase the reach.

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

Forums such as Reddit, Warrior forum, Quora, etc. can also help in attracting organic traffic. Experts provide real feedbacks and answers to the questions asked on these forums. Bloggers can share their blogs and ideas on these forums, and useful content will automatically attract organic traffic. Answering questions related to the content of the blog, and talking to people engaging in your content can promote your blog.

Blog Contests And Campaigns

There is a trend of holding campaigns that makes the audience share your content and make it reach other people through social media and other sources. There are many ideas for campaigns such as giveaways, shoutouts, meetups, etc.

Giveaways can include products that are related to the blog, such as makeup kits, mobile phones or accessories, mobile recharges, cash prizes, etc. Some bloggers held campaigns like people who share the blog the most number of times wins the latest mobile phone. The benefit will outweigh the cost after some time and will lead to an increase in the audience number.

Visually Appealing Pages

People who reach a blog will only stay there to read it entirely only if the website looks appealing to him/her and is convenient to use and navigate. If it is not easy to navigate through the posts and sharing features, the audience will get irritated and leave the website and never come back. They will also not advise other people or suggest to them about your blog. So, it is essential not to use outdated color schemes or themes and use the latest tools.

An appealing website is also essential because the customers will only surf through it if it is convenient for them to do so, and they like the visuals of the website. No one wants an old theme on a website and will not like to surf on it. Hence, the design of the website matters as much as having a website. A great way to design a professional website is to use the Divi theme and page builder. They are the best in the market.

More Tips On How To Promote Your Blog

Understanding the methods of some of the popular blogging channels on the web, specific guidelines have been developed to elevate the reach of online content to more networks and target markets and individuals. Given below are a few methods through which you can promote online-content(blogs).

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

Understanding the audience: In today’s fast-paced world, the interests of people with a particular subject are primarily variable and frequently change. Thus it is essential to keep in touch with the new & current trending events and topics that will demand a viewer’s attention.

For example, say a certain crypto-currency has suddenly surged in price shocking the investors or the government has announced new vacancies in the railway sector. It can also be something related to the entertainment industry like some popular actor’s latest movie or Indian cricket team’s victory in the finals. It could be anything.

It is essential to stay relevant to the present scenario and earn a viewer’s interest. However, it advised staying away from controversial or sensitive topics without a strong proof-base. Publishing wrong, misleading, or information will not only attract hate but also maybe in the negative aspect for the publisher.

Newsletters And SEO 

Creating contacts and publishing newsletters: People are keen on looking forward to daily news and trendy content. Hence it is mandatory to update the contact email list regularly and add as many individuals and companies as possible. In fact, according to some surveys, only 10% of the emails are opened by users, thus ensure to be the first publisher to get noticed.

It is essential to daily update the subscribers and other users through newsletters. It is also optimal to re-share any article if it acquires popularity over time. Popular content never remains out of relevance. It is favorable to send the updates as soon as they are published to maintain first view feedbacks, which usually determines the future of the blog.

SEO (Search engine optimization): The way the internet works are through the use of relevant-keywords and headings that are analyzed through the search engines of various browsers to load the results as fast as possible. It is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO and forms an integral part of the internet, especially on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

There are many SEO tools available online that help in identifying keywords, which usually is analyzed by the types of keywords given as inputs by the users themselves. Be sure to make use of proper identifiers and hashtags that will help in loading your blog site or webpage on the first page of the users’ search results. It has the following advantages

  • It gives a broader visibility
  • Generates a higher traffic
  • Free branding & quality traffic
  • Increased accountability.

Your Presence

Leveraging your online presence and credentials: This is a more personal take on the promotion of content. For people to get engaged with content-series is essential to develop a relationship with them. It can be achieved by sharing the links to content through one’s LinkedIn profile, or write an engaging answer on Quora, etc. and such publish the blog links on all of the online social profiles.

The viewers or users are more likely to click on a link if their doubts are clear through some online forums, Q&A sites, and many more. Building an online community is desirable for developing a unique interactive culture.

Re-promoting the blog through pinning advertisers on the Blog Site: Initially, not many advertisers favored to advertise on blogs. You can counter it by keeping in mind the advertising companies while writing any content. It is essential to make the content advertiser-friendly.

If you write an article about some products, pursuing the companies that produce those products for advertising becomes a viable option. Moreover, pinning ads on a blog after it becomes popular helps in bringing more traffics to the blog site as well as more revenues.

How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond
How To Promote Your Blog In 2020 And Beyond

How To Promote Your Blog – Conclusion

This article talks about several ways through which a blogger can promote his/her website and promote the blog to increase traffic. Performing only SEO will not help in competing in the market in the year 2020. Two of the most important things for a blog currently are the latest or trending topics and appealing website UI/UX. These are the things which the audience notice first when they visit a website.

The blogging market is highly competitive and requires very much creativity. It is essential to promote the blog effectively through several channels to outweigh the competition and become one of the most successful bloggers. Promoting a blog requires a certain level of investment and effort, but it also provides many benefits after a period if you perform everything correctly.

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