How To Spy On Your Competitors (2019)

How To Spy On Your Competitors (2019)

Learning how to spy on your competitors is an essential tool for success. Instead of buying a ludicrously priced course that will tell you what you already know, you have to think for yourself. Being creative is a part of the game. To discover what makes a site ticking, you’ll need to use two free tools we are going to introduce to you.

Spy On Your Competitors By Knowing How Much They Earn And How

A website called WorthOfWeb can approximately tell you how much a site is earning. You need to type the website URL in the search bar, and worth of web will do the work for you. From there you can see estimated website value, for example, estimated revenue per month, estimated pageviews per month and more.

That is how you can see an estimated report about the website’s earnings. The numbers you see are usually revenue from ads. The report doesn’t include affiliate links, e-commerce products, digital course, etc. If the website earns money, then something is ticking just right. Now you have to find how they make this kind of money.

this is how you spy on your competitors and glean info
Wow, that is an enormous amount of money!

Cross Examine

After that, you need to cross-examine that information with traffic sources, referrals, search, and more. That’s how you’ll know where the traffic comes from if it’s from referrals, social media, organic search. Another important thing you need to do is the blog posts, search for affiliate links, and see how they embed them.

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You can see the amount of traffic as well as where in the world it comes from.

The traffic by country is significant because when you search and see that for example all of the traffic in big sites in your niche comes from the USA, that means you want mostly to appeal to USA readers. If you use paid ads, you would want to target the USA.

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You can see what the traffic sources are.

For example, this particular website gets almost all of its traffic through SEO. There isn’t any extensive social media marketing or email marketing, though. The fact that a considerable amount of traffic comes from search queries means that they do well on SEO.

Reverse Engineer

By reverse engineering, you can find out why the posts are ranking. Therefore, you can find how the website is making money. Another example, if the site was getting traffic from social media, you could go to its social media profiles and see what kind of posts they upload. Learn from it. Information is, indeed, a powerful thing.

Another great way to gain knowledge from the competition is to ask them. You can send them an email, for example, or reach them on social media and ask for tips to monetize your website. Always be kind, tell the owner of the site that you have a new website on that niche and that you’d love to get their advice.

If you haven’t started your online business yet, be sure to check our thorough guide on the subject. Thank you for reading!

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