Keyword Research Tips For SEO: Here Is What You Can Accomplish Wish Well Planned SEO Strategy [2020]
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: Here Is What You Can Accomplish Wish Well Planned SEO Strategy [2020]

SEO Keywords are those words or phrases in your website content that helps people to land in your site using a search engine. It is, therefore, necessary to have a clear picture in mind on how customers will be searching or looking for the products, services, or content online. When you enter a word in the search engine, you can find thousands of results flashing on the screen. If you want to have control over the results, your website content should be search engine optimized. In the search engine optimization process, priority is given for Keyword SEO, to ensure that customers or readers get to see what you want them to see.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Why Invest In Keyword Research

Having a website with proper SEO will not only save time but also increase credibility for the business. According to a study, 30% of the consumers don’t consider you a business if you don’t have a website, whether it is large or small. Businesses who don’t have a website cannot grow their customer base after an extent. It also saves money because companies don’t have to employ more personnel according to the rise in the customer base.

Keywords and SEO go hand in hand. As keywords form the foundation of the website content, it is the SEO process that makes the keywords to work the magic it is supposed to. Transforming a website to an SEO website is not a simple process. It is time-consuming as well as tedious. But what makes it worth the time is the fact that the traffic conversion rate of your website increases drastically, and so does the visibility.

The process of keyword SEO can be made simple by any keyword research software that is available online. You must have to acquire a premium version of this software to access the full functions and features. The keyword research software researches, filters, optimizes, and analyzes the keywords, thus proving to be time-saving and value for money.

Keyword Research Methodology And Checklist

Finding the right SEO keywords involve a lot of trial and error process. Once you have an insight into the goal and idea, you gather potential words, sort, and filter it depending upon the traffic they are capable of bringing in. There are various tools available online to make the implementation of keywords SEO in articles and website content much more accessible. One such tool is a keyword research checklist. This tool is much similar to our regular list.

The keyword research checklist serves as a guide to find the right keywords via keyword research. The list also provides instructions on how to choose keywords and how it does suit your business. The process of SEO becomes much more comfortable with this tool and can be made more accurate and result oriented.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Basics On Picking The Keywords

If you want to transform a website to a search engine optimized website, it is essential to choose the right keywords so that your website reaches the targeted audience. The process does not consist of sure-shot steps, but some trial and error methods.

Understanding the goal of the company: Understanding the purpose of the company and what does the company stands for is an essential criterion in deciding the right keywords suitable for the website. In this way, one can identify the targeted audience and also be double sure about what does the customer expects. Even though companies these days use SEO to increase the traffic and traffic conversion rates to bring about a subsequent increase in the revenue, it is essential to be specific beyond that.

Being specific to the kind of result you expect from the process of SEO can make the process of selecting the keywords easier. You need to be accurate and clear about what type of audience are you targeting, is it brand awareness or product sales that you want or if you want to see the results immediately or in the long run.

Head-tail and Long-Tail Keywords: Once the backbone of the process has been outlined, it is now time to decide whether you require Head-Tail keywords (Traffic-centric) or Long-Tail Keywords (result-centric). It is in this situation; the specificity of your goal comes into play. Head-tail keywords consist of one-to-three words that can yield higher traffic rates but have stiff competition. Whereas in the case of Long-tail keywords, it may be more than three words or a more extended phase but has lower traffic rates with lower competition.

Head-tail keywords are to be introduced on your website if you wish to see the results in the long run. In the case of Long-tail keywords, you can obtain the results immediately as the strategies involved are result-centric.

Preliminary keyword research: As there are no baselines to select keywords, it is necessary to apply your creativity and pick some based on your intuitions. The keyword research methodology involves intuitions, analyses, and predictions. It is practically impossible to survey to understand what words the customers might use to search for particular services or products. Therefore, make a list of words that is in close relation with your product and company services. The keyword research tips are to make use of a combination of long-tail and head-tail keywords to yield better results. You can even use a keyword research tool to generate possible keywords.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Choosing The Right Keyword For Your Write-up

A thing about writing an excellent article is not just the content but also its online presence of getting loaded within the first webpage of the search results. Now the question arises on how to make an article or a website stand out. Especially among other articles from the competitors. Here comes into play the magic of keywords and its optimization within the online community.

The way a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo works is by targeting the keywords of an article or a blog in relevance with the user given inputs of search words. An article may consist of complex or simple words, but keeping in mind the average individual word library, not many are using long or complicated words to convey the meaning. Thus, it becomes essential to add such words or phrases that are mostly used more like in layman terms.

If you want to achieve the above target, many online available tools work through a program of machine learning to prepare a library of such commonly used words. Throughout the day, the inputs given by the users of specific web browsers compile in a commonplace. Then you analyzed it through the web tools of the respective search engine and produced as a standard list from which the suggestions or results will load. It is so to enhance the loading speed of the search results and pack the most relevant content and websites first.

Thus to identify such words and bits of relevant information, there is a popular method used commonly known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is arguably one of the most important aspects of writing an article and promoting it at the same time. Though simple, it can get confusing and tricky at times initially, but with time and practice, it can be given an upper hand to writers skill and makes him stand out among the competitors. While keeping the article or webpage engaging at the same time, integration of SEO without making it visible and overusing keywords is what in demand in the current online content writing scenario.

How To Do The Keyword Research

Brand terms: This is the easiest way to convert all who are familiar with the brand. This brand terms might not be very useful to create an impression on the viewers but, this keyword is very efficient in diverting the concentration of anybody. The brands grab a lot of attention so it is very important to know the various brand terms. Knowing more and more brand terms can help you convert the attention of the reader.

Create a seed list of starting terms: To know the starting terms which are majorly used. To analyze the keywords better, you can make a list of all those first terms frequently used for any search. You can identify the terms easily and know the keywords by that. This list will give you more and more collection of new terms used for searching for different subjects.

Use keyword research tool: To enhance the list of keywords you can also use the tool that helps to analyze the different keywords. This tool helps to analyze the keywords. To grab a better knowledge of the different keywords, and expand your keywords’ list you can use the tool. It will fetch you more efficient and frequently used keywords on the internet. This tool is a very helpful and efficient tool. The result of this tool is very reliable and trusted. This is one of the most prominent ways to get a full-fledged collection of different keywords.

Follow trends: With the trend, the keywords tend to fluctuate a little. So you have to keep an eye on the trending words, the words that are being used by the people frequently. Otherwise, you might end up losing the touch with the world and have a list of keywords that are backdated and not- reliable. So it is very important to know the trends. The frequently searched subject and the words used. Certain acronyms and words keep coming to the list of keywords with time as people start using them regularly. So, to follow the trend is very important to know the keywords.

Keyword Research Tips

Usually, the target keywords are two to four words phrases that represent the idea of the content in a nutshell. It is what online users will most probably type to view a positive search result. Thus, it becomes essential to roam around that keyword while keeping the content material informative and straightforward at the same time.

Below are a few points to keep in mind while integrating SEO with the content one is writing.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

1. Create the first impression

Since one starts the article with the keyword phrase, that is the first piece of text that users read and creates an impression on the user. Thus, being clear and precise within those microseconds, it is necessary to convey the idea and objective of the article. Also, a search engine analyses this section of data first before it transfers it to the search results.

2. Researching on the content to produce quality content.

While writing the abstract or the objective of the article content, its following content should not deceive the user. In short, the writer needs to do well-organized research before writing on any topic and keep the content accurate and engaging. Along with that, the writer must use secondary keywords to enhance the idea of the article. It will improve the content quality as it solely does not just rely on just one keyword.

Posting relatable and useful content on blogs or sites plays a vital role in generating leads. Content marketing benefits enterprises develop and frame a plan for secure and cheaper authorizations of website traffic and fresh leads. The constant origin of leads is from the non-aging content that gives us the versatility to explore with other retailing tactics to produce resources and money using sponsors and digital promotion of classified material. Content creation helps educate your marked candidates and create recognition for your brand.

3. Using online SEO tools

Considering the internet knows better, one should make use of available online tools made for this purpose. Some tools may be free, while some are premium. However, it depends on the write and the content nature of how important it is and who the target audience is.

If you want to convey the article to professionals, it becomes essential to use premium tools, to ensure clarity of content and error-free, which at that level, if it happens, it can be not very pleasant. So one should not leave out on paid tools if he needs the utmost quality.

For example, the Cosmopolitan publishes an article that is well wide shared and commends, and we take it as a final word that is always accurate and final. They are well-read by almost all professionals to be updated with the latest happening of the town, both political and international. Thus, any error on their part can be devastating for the publishing house and insulting at times too. They cannot afford such mistakes, and therefore using an SEO tool for grammar and relevance is mandatory.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

For say, if some online publishers like some funny content, or informative content which needs not to be completely formal, you can use some types of innuendos or wrong vocal, for the sake of content engagement.

For example, online content publishers like Scoopwhoop don’t mind using inappropriate words or phrases that may or may not be related to the core idea of the passage just for the sake of making it funny. As we do not demand the content accuracy, hence the same is not applied.

4. Brainstorming the keywords.

Just after writing the first passage engraved with the keyword, the work is not complete. The writer must make sure to slip in the keywords at regular intervals of text and prevent it from losing relevance among the user’s mind. The reader should not forget or get distracted from the core idea of the article, as this may lead to the content losing relevance and the user forgetting the objective of the passage or article.

Thus, the keywords and we need to imply all its derivative in the write-up in one way. It leaves a lasting impression that we create in the mind of the viewer. It may motivate the reader to view more similar articles, share it, also may be contributing to the same, which overall is beneficial for everyone. The more any content is shared and cited, the more it becomes popular and more the revenue it earns. Overall it is a win-win situation.

5. Not losing track of content and its idea

Many times while writing an article, the writer may be tempted to add more points to the content to increase its relevance and be more informative. The idea of this point is to prevent such add-ons, as these may be unnecessary and may become irrelevant, which the writer may not realize. While having good intentions, it better to compiles these keyword research tips for another article and just remain in touch with the actual content without losing the main core idea. A reader may not want to read the other stuff, so it’s better to avoid it and save it for later use. Keeping the content clear, concise, and accurate should be the main objective of the passage or article.

6. Knowing your keywords

The most important thing, before writing, is to select the Keywords themselves as they will be the main contributor to the content and will be responsible for its online reach and presence. The main idea is to fulfill and satisfy the search algorithms that will get easily identified by the search engines and help it get appeared on the first pages of search results.

For this, it is essential to identify the keywords which are relevant and easy to think for an average person while the user makes a search inquiry. The SEO tools come in use here, as they can provide suggestions of words that are trending and triggering a high count on the online search results. These tools give the words which can be phrased as per the writer’s skill to implement it within the article content. It will ensure that the engines optimize that content first and hence improve the traffic and click-throughs for the article.

An example is the Google Keyword planner.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

7. Feedback

An essential part of all is to ensure the content is readable and relevant within the required online standards. Taking feedback on the written content from other community creators is essential. The write must read the article form the reader’s point of view, and see if it is engaging, has an error, or is misleading before producing the final draft. The writer must check for the keyword placements and ensure that it is not overdone and is not too obvious for the reader to realize while not losing the relevance at the same time.

Using The Keyword Research Tools In SEO

The Keyword research or generation tool is an online tool that assists you in generating keywords that are closely related to the keyword research tips and ideas you enter. There is numerous keyword research tool in SEO. These tools are easy to use and can generate a great combination of words and phrases. All you have to do is enter terms which you think can express your business the best. Some keyword research tools in SEO can also give you an impression of how frequently they search those words on the search engine. Thus, this can help you to filter the words which do not have much potential.

Filtering process: Once you create the list, it is now time to filter out the weakest phrases. You can quickly achieve using the keyword research tool. The filtering of a keyword can be done based on relevance, competition, and search volume. A keyword might not be relevant all the time. So, it is essential to frequently update your keywords according to the current trend about your product. Search volume indicates the number of times people look for that keyword. As the search volume of a keyword increases, the competition becomes tighter.

Final selection: By now, you should have the master list created. It is then time to choose the keywords according to your taste as a customer. Stepping into a customer’s shoes can be of much help in this stage. 

How To Implement Keywords In An Article

Mastering the art of implementing SEO in articles with keywords is no easy. This process mainly depends upon the keyword density in an article. Keyword density refers to the frequency of a particular keyword on a webpage. If you want to be on the safe side, the keyword density should be between one percent to three percent. Exceeding this limit might make the article look like it is full of keywords that can seriously affect the flow of the article.

If you want to optimize an article with keywords, it is essential to do the keyword research. This research is a part of the preliminary study and is all about finding the competition that a particular keyword might face. You can quickly complete this stage can using a Keyword research tool. We recommend that you use header tags in subheadings as well as in main headings. You do it to organize the keyword research tips presented in the article and to make it appealing to the readers.

The article that is Search engine optimized with keywords should still maintain its quality. You can use the keywords in headings as well as subheadings, but you should not stuff it with them. The keyword research tips are never to club keywords together to make a sentence that contains full of keywords. It can kill the soul and deprive the article of its true essence. The article should not also deviate from the idea it is to propose.

Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Keyword Research Tips For SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners


Identification of the path that led the leads is crucial considering marketing strategies, and it is one of the significant parts of the keyword research tips. Know when and where the website visitors are and aren’t clicking. It is beneficial to reposition the offers from stagnant zones to domains that lure clicks. It enables us to examine various call-to-action sections and recognize which ones are staying observed and clicked on.

As the world is advancing at a faster rate, you need to up your game of advertising and marketing. Your website needs to take a front seat in the search engine results to catch the attention of the targeted audience. For a beginner, it can be tough to understand the methodology and working of keyword SEO. Thus, one can make use of online keyword research training, which offers courses of different duration.

You can enroll in such courses to learn more about the implementation of keywords and their importance in SEO. The keyword research training helps you to build a solid base in this field, understand the competitors, and the competition they put forward much better and helps to level up your game.

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