Make Money Online With Zero Capital

Make Money Online With Zero Capital

How can you make money online with zero capital? It’s possible, but we don’t recommend that you do that if you want fast results. The idea is that inevitably if you want your business to succeed, you have to reinvest and pour money into it. Have you ever heard of a company that is only making money without paying for employees, infrastructure, electricity, etc.? We believe you didn’t. Therefore you must treat your making money online strategy as a business, not a hobby if you want to make a living. However, you can start making money online with zero capital, and invest in it later on. Let’s talk about the different methods you can implement to make money online with zero capital.

Make A YouTube Channel

One of the best ways you can start to make money online is with YouTube. Starting a YouTube channel is free of cost, and you don’t have to buy expensive equipment. If you have a low budget, you can even record videos with your phone. Most phone these days have excellent cameras. But how can you make money online with YouTube? You have various options:

YouTube Ads

You can create videos in any niche you want. If you’re planning to make money solely with ads, you don’t even have to put yourself in-camera. You can make compilation videos instead. Find out about trending topics that go viral (you can use Google Trends) and make compilation videos. Let’s give you a real-world example:

How to make money online with zero capital in YouTube

As you can see, many people caught up with a trending video game and made compilation videos about it. In a couple of months, they got hundreds of thousands and some millions of views. So you can make compilation videos like that in every niche, check out what made them viral and try to make similar videos. We will be honest and tell you that even though you’re not making the videos yourself, you still need to work hard, find trending videos, do proper research, optimize the video for SEO, etc. But, if you put up enough work and make hundreds of videos, you can make a living solely from YouTube ads and pay no money for it. Now, if you want to make money from your channel in other ways, you would want to show your face and record yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to monetize your YouTube channel. You will put your affiliate links in the description, and if people would click on those links and buy the products, you’re recommending you’ll make a commission out of it. There are a couple of ways you can do that. For example, you can do product reviews, and if you don’t want to buy the product, try to ask for a demo product from the vendor.

If it’s a digital product, many vendors will give you demos or limited access for the review. If it’s a physical product, you would want to consider buying it, but remember that two to three sales will cover that expense, so in the worst-case scenario you got that product for “free.” You can type in YouTube for product reviews and see how many people make them and a lot of them are making a lot of money from those videos.

The Two Ways To Make Video Tutorials

The second method is to make tutorials about a product that you recommend. That should be a product that has a free version and a paid version. Many people who have this product will probably search for tutorials on YouTube. And if you show them that the paid version is even better, many of them will buy it. Another way to do the tutorial is instead of making a specific tutorial about a product. You can make a tutorial about a generic thing. For example, “how to build a landing page” and recommend the product as the solution. In other words, instead of making the tutorial about the product, you’re making the tutorial about the goal, and demonstrate how you do that with the product that many of your viewers may not know about before.

Remember, though that you’re approaching two different audiences with those two approaches. In the first approach, your audience is probably familiar with the product but not using the paid version. So you’re targeting people that need help with a specific product but want to convert them to buying customers and use the premium version. However, in the second approach, your audience probably doesn’t know that the product exists. They have a problem, they want to learn to do something, and you’ll teach them how to do that with the help of the product you’re using.

Start A Blog For Free

You can start blogging for free. To start blogging with zero capital, you should not buy a domain and not purchase hosting. There are platforms you can publish blog posts from for free, such as Medium, Blogger,, etc. However, be aware that your website will be a subdomain of the platform you’re using. For example, if you use the free platform to build your blog, the address would be and not, which is far more authoritative and professional. Be sure to check all the downsides if you’re using a free platform and not a paid one because there are downsides. If you can save a little money to buy hosting, it’s worth it.

Social Media

Another excellent way to make money for free is by using social media. You can use your existing personal Instagram account to start selling products through the stories or in your bio if you’re targeting a particular niche. However, we recommend that you use Pinterest instead. We think Pinterest is the best social media platform because it’s also a search engine like Google, plus you don’t have to rely heavily on followers like Instagram. You can read our SEO guide for Pinterest here. And also read our Tailwind guide here. This site is a tool that goes alongside Pinterest and makes your account get viral very fast.

Become A Freelancer

There are many sites that you can register for free if you have specific skills that people can use. For example, Fiverr, Upwork, iwriter, and more. You don’t have to spend any money, and you can use your skills to help other people. You can write articles, transcribe words to text, make infographics, web design, software, and more. The options are endless, and you can do almost everything online. Therefore, many people become freelancers and start making money like that, and many of them do that instead of a regular job.

In Conclusion

We’ve listed a couple of ways that you can start making money online even today. Some of them may take time (YouTube, blogging), but in some of them, you can earn money right away (freelancing), so today, opportunities are vast. The world is changing, and you don’t have to work on a physical location. You can work for home as a paid employee, or you can start your own business online. The choice is yours, but it’s essential that you’ll get started. Thank you for reading.

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