Pinterest SEO Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Pinterest SEO Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

The Power Of Pinterest And SEO

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform. Pinterest is also a search engine, so that’s very important to learn SEO for Pinterest the right way. Moreover, Pinterest is one of the best three platforms you want to master SEO to attain more visitors. The other two are Google and YouTube. Why? Because those three platforms are search engines

To clarify the difference between the three, let us explain. Google is a text-based search engine that shows you different sites.YouTube is a video-based search engine that shows you videos. Pinterest is a photo-based visual search engine that shows you photos that often lead to websites. So, instead of showing you text like Google, they show you pictures.

Many people search for things on Pinterest before they go and buy something. Therefore a lot of businesses use Pinterest to sell goods online or to get people to their websites. We recommend that you read this article from Pinterest. You will be shocked at how many people use Pinterest to buy things.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing And SEO With Pinterest

In this guide, we won’t discuss in detail on how to sell different products because that’s quite simple. You need to make a beautiful pin and connect it to the product you want to sell. Instead, we want to show you how to use affiliate marketing, leveraging the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest SEO
The pins that show on top.

For example, we searched for the term ‘make money from home,’ and those are the top pins that show on the screen. If we click on those pins, we will go to the pinners website. Likewise, those can be your pins out there on the first page. That means tons of traffic to your website, but there are more ways to gain traffic that we’ll discuss later.

How To Get To The Top Search Results In Pinterest For SEO

There are a couple of things that will help your pin get to the top. Don’t expect it to be right away, especially with a new account, but with time, you could get there. Here are the essential steps to make it to the top search results:

Good Looking Pin

You have to have excellent looking pins with text on them. Therefore, you have to put effort and time to make them. There are a couple of ways to make pins. For instance, you can pay freelancers from sites like Fiverr to do them for you, or you can make them yourself. However, if you want to design your pins, be sure to use Canva. Canva is an excellent tool because it allows you to create stunning pins for free in five to ten minutes.

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Once you’re logged in, type ‘Pinterest’ in the search box, and create a design with the recommended dimensions 735 x 1102 PX.

After that, you’ll see a white canvas design which you can custom to your needs. You can start the design from scratch, or choose an existing template and change the text/colors.

Pinterest SEO Secrets You Probably Didn't Know 3
Design from scratch or from an already designed template.

Some elements cost a bit of money, but most of them are free. You can choose different backgrounds, colors, text fonts, and more. A very cool feature is that you can publish it straight to Pinterest, or download it if you want.

A Long Description & Use Hashtags

Write a detailed description of your pin that targets the keywords you want to rank on Pinterest. It’s vital because that’s how the users know where they will go when they click your link. Using hashtags can also help with ranking, use between five to ten hashtags. See how the top pins go there, what they wrote in the description, which hashtags they used, how the design looks — mimic success.

Do Not Direct Your Pin Straight To An Affiliate Link

It is best practice to put a link to a blog post on your pin because no one will buy straight through an affiliate link. Inside the blog post, there will be affiliate links, regarding the nature of the blog post and in natural places. We recommend that you make up to five different pins to each blog post. See which is getting the most attention and re-pin it in the future.

If you want, you can make a simple landing page for some free eBook or cheat-sheet in exchange for their name and email, and sell them affiliate products through email marketing.
Another option is to try and sell them the product straight through the landing page, but that’s less recommended.

Other Ways For Your Pins To Go Viral Aside From SEO

Other ways will make your pin go viral beside SEO, such as group boards, tailwind, viral content bee. We will talk about them briefly.

Group Boards

When on Pinterest the only way to find group boards is to search for people in your niche and on their boards’ page if you see a tiny circle with people in it, this is a group board. It looks like this:

Pinterest SEO Secrets You Probably Didn't Know 5
See the circle in the left bottom? that’s a group board.

There is a more straightforward way to find group boards. You can search for group boards in a site called Pingroupie. Filter what you need and search for relevant groups. To be accepted to a group board, you need to reach the creator of the board. Most of the time, when you click on a group board, they tell you in the description of how to be accepted and what are the rules.

Viral Content Bee

ViralContentBee is a website that allows you to share content and to have your content shared. To clarify, the way it works is that each time you post someone else’s pin, you get credits that you can spend to get your content shared. You can’t use direct affiliate links though, so it’s best to use it with blog posts.


Tailwind is a website that integrates with your Pinterest account and let you schedule pins in advance. In other words, everything will turn to be automatic thanks to Tailwind. It is free to use, but we highly recommend that you’ll upgrade to the paid version once your account grow. It is worth it because it can bring a lot of traffic to your Pinterest account.

Tailwind also has a feature called ‘tribes’ which is similar to group boards, but the differences are that you don’t have to be accepted manually, and you can choose who’s content you want to share, you can speak to them and help each other. Make connections. In group boards though, there are some accepted contributors, and the rest of the people see the content without the ability to publish pins if they are not allowed manually. If you want to read our thorough review and tutorial about Tailwind, click here.

In Conclusion

We’ve discussed the power of the Pinterest platform and its uses. Furthermore, we discussed how to create pins, how to rank them through SEO, and how to make them go viral in other methods. If you haven’t created your website though, we will help you with that in our guide here. And if you don’t know how to use the WordPress platform and want extra help specifically on WordPress, click here.

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