Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool?

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool?

Tailwind is a great social marketing tool that’s integrated with Pinterest. If you have a website, an online business, or a real physical business that uses the internet for marketing, you know how much relevant social media platforms are. For example, one of the best social media platforms available is called Pinterest. It’s a visual social media platform and a visual search engine that utilizes pictures and graphics.

Why Is Pinterest The Best Social Media Platform

  • You can use it as a search engine, just like Google. People are searching for things to buy, discover, and for information on Pinterest. SEO on Pinterest can be less harsh most of the time than on Google. Check our SEO tips here.
  • It’s effortless to make a design with platforms like Canva. You can make a design and link it to a URL in 5-10 minutes at most.
  • Because Pinterest is both a social media and a search engine, you are enjoying both worlds. Your pins can be ranked through SEO and will get exposure through your followers, as well as repins, shares, etc.
  • You can effortlessly add other people’s content and pins (as long as you don’t modify them of course) so your account won’t look empty even if you don’t have much of your owned content yet.

How Tailwind Makes Pinterest Even More Amazing

Tailwind is an official partner software that integrates with Pinterest. What Tailwind does is helping you schedule your pins through the whole month, and also help you get them viral. The idea is that you can make your pins in one day, make all of them and Tailwind will spread them throughout the whole month and post them in hours when most users log in. You can schedule other pins as well. There is something called Tailwind Tribes, which is a platform within the site that helps you spread your content. Some tribes are open to join, and there are closed ones that need permission to enter. Tribes work at the principle of you sharing the content of others, and others will share yours. In other words, the more you share from others, the more others will share yours.

How To Use Tailwind

We will divide this section into multiple categories since Tailwind has a lot of functionality. At the end of this post, you will be a pro.

How To Use Tailwind Publisher

After you sign up here with your Pinterest account for a free trial (up to 100 pins), you will go to the Dashboard. We will talk about the publisher first.


How To Use Tailwind Scheduler.
Here you can see all the draft pins you haven’t published yet.

Every pin you upload to Tailwind will be on the drafts until you schedule it. You’ll have to choose a board in your profile for Tailwind to put your pin into, as well as a link to which you want the visitors that’ll click the picture go.

Tailwind drafts
Click on create a new pin, upload an image, choose a board, write a description and link it to your site.

On the left, you’ll see all the drafts you’ve uploaded. On the right, you can add new pins and view the monthly timeline. Tailwind smartly chooses the best hours to schedule them. You can use a platform like Canva to make all of your images to the articles you’ve written on one day at the start of the month. Tailwind will conveniently spread them throughout the month automatically. You’ll do all the hard work in a day.

Scheduled Pins

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 1
Here you can see all of the pins in the queue.

You can delete scheduled pins from here or manually pin them now if you want or change the board you wish Tailwind to put it. Pretty self-explanatory.

Smart Loop

The smart loop is a new feature in Tailwind that allows you to schedule the most viral pins you have automatically. Instead of manually choose the same pins to the schedule, those pins will be published automatically.

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 3
Choose evergreen or seasonal.
Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 5
Name your campaign, choose the board(s) to which the pins will go, and if the pins will be posted all year or in between specific dates.

After you’ve named your campaign and chose the boards, you have to decide what pins you want Tailwind to schedule. You can edit your campaign at any time by clicking edit on the main page.

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 7
You can choose how many times each day/week your pins will be looped. It’s up to you, but don’t be too Spammy, publish other content as well.

Published Pins

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 9
Here you can see all of your published pins.

All of the pins you’ve published whether it’s your own or someone else’s, they all here. You can filter them by boards, or by those that go to your website. You can reschedule each pin to the publisher, add them to a tribe for other people to share, add to the smart loop, or find similar pins to schedule.

Your Schedule/Board Lists/Pin From Instagram

Because the last free categories are pretty self-explanatory, we’ll put them in the same subtitle. Your schedule is where you can change the time slots in which Tailwind will publish your content. Board lists are nested boards you group together. Instead of picking three similar boards manually, you can group them and choose all 3 in one click. You’ll see it as a new board based on the name you gave it when you go to Pinterest. In pin from Instagram, you can connect to your Instagram account and schedule pins from your Instagram. Pretty cool.

How To Use Tribes

Tailwind tribes are a platform that allows you to share other people’s content and get your content re-shared. It’s similar to group boards, but the difference is that in-group boards, only those the creator of the board confirms can publish pins and others can only follow the boards and see the content. However, in tribes, there are ones that are open to everybody to join, and there are some that are not open. But everyone that’s in the tribe can post pins. Because it’s a very public platform, you can chat personally with all the tribes’ members. An excellent strategy would be to ask for people individually to share your pins in exchange for you to share theirs. But make sure you reach people that are active on the tribe that shares a lot.

Search For Tribes

Tailwind Review: The Best Social Marketing Tool? 11
Type a keyword in the search bar and find relevant tribes. Some of the tribes are open to join, on some you have to request to join.

Make sure you choose a tribe with high activity and low member count because that way your content will likely be shared more. Furthermore, you have to read the tribe rules. Every tribe has different laws so you must learn them before posting.

Use The Tribe

How to use Tailwind tribes
This is a Tailwind tribe.

By hovering over a member of the tribe, you can see how much active he/she is and when was the last time he/she submitted a pin. If it’s an active member, you can chat him/her on that same page and exchange shares! Firstly, click on see submissions to see the content belongs to the member and share it, and he/she will share yours! Secondly, after you’ve uploaded pins to the tribe, you can see how many reshares, repins and reach you have. To Clarify the difference between reshares and repins: re-shares are how many times tribe members shared your content. Repins are how many times other people repinned those pins from the tribe members. Reach is the potential audience you’ve reached. But you can have more accurate information on Pinterest analytics.

For each pin you want to schedule, you have to choose a board and click on add to the queue. Then it’ll go to your scheduler like any other pin you upload on your own. That is a simple process that allows you to get a lot of shares and exposure, so use Tailwind tribes!


We will go through this section in brief because most of it is self-explanatory.

  • Profile Performance – Here, you can see how many followers, pins, re-pins, and comments you’ve got in the last seven days.
  • Board Insights – See specific metrics on each board. How many pins you have on each board, how many you’ve added in the last seven days, how many followers, repins and scores of engagement and virality (the previous two are on the paid version).
  • Pin Inspector – it’s very similar to the published pins section, but here you can see all of your pins and not only the ones you’ve published with Tailwind specifically.
  • Website Insights – Those are metrics of pins that are specifically from your website (have URL that goes to your site).
  • Organic Traffic – In the free version, you can only see the latest pins from your website. On the paid version you can see most pinned, most clicked, most engaged and comments.
  • Referral Traffic – See how many visitors, page views, and revenue you’ve got from your pins in the last 30 days.

In Conclusion & Paid Version

As you can see, Tailwind is a great tool that will both boost your Pinterest account and pins, and also let you schedule them for much more convenient work. Add insights and metrics to the package, and it’s worth it. However, there are some metrics and functionality you’ll only get for the paid version, we’ve mentioned some of them.

Tailwind Plus
In the free version, you can schedule up to 100 pins (of others from tribes and yours)

If you are serious about online marketing and want to utilize the best social media in the world for free traffic you’d want to have Tailwind at your disposal. Try the free version, it’s free for the first 100 pins, and when you reach the threshold, consider upgrading if you wish your account to skyrocket and give you tons of traffic.

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