The Best Website Design Guidelines (2019)

The Best Website Design Guidelines (2019)

We want to share with you a bunch of website design guidelines that will help you create a beautiful site. How a website looks impacts the number of visitors that will stay on it. When a website has excellent information and helps its visitors but looks very bad, it’s just unprofessional. With that said, let’s go through the guidelines that will help you create a good looking website:

Our Top Recommendations For Website Design Guidelines

Use A Simple Website Design

Try to keep the design as simple as possible because a visitor can get overwhelmed if you have an unorganized design. We recommend that you’ll have between 1-4 columns in a row, and make everything in line.

Easy Navigation Throughout The Website

Navigation on the website should be intuitive and easy. You should make a clear navigation menu that the visitor can navigate through quickly. Don’t make too many subcategories on the one hand, but on the other hand, divide the categories cleverly as you see fit. Spy on your competitors and see how they organize their website

Make The Site Design Responsive

When you design a website, you do it on a desktop, but be sure to check how it looks on mobile and changes the design accordingly. In page builders like Elementor, for instance, you can do specific changes to mobile that won’t affect the desktop and tablet design.

Use One To Two Fonts

Do not use ten different fonts, but choose one or two you like and stick with them. Because too many fonts will make your site look unprofessional and confusing.

Use Up To Three Or Four Colors Max

Seeing too many colors at the same time can be annoying. Using unmatched colors can be distracting as well, like white and yellow, for example. You can use color generators like coolors to choose a color palette you like.


You have to be consistent with your design because you want your site to look professional. If you use, for example, round buttons so use only round and not rectangular, use 2-3 colors and fonts.

See How Big companies Design Their Website

Big companies hire professional designers. We don’t say you have to be a professional designer and make a design at that level, but you can sure learn from it. See how Apple, for example, looks, how the categories divided, what’s in the home page, which colors they use, which fonts, etc.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope you learned something new and that you have a clearer vision of how to design your website. We will also make a thorough guide on how to use the page builder to create your site in the future; however if you haven’t started your first website yet. We can help you with that in our guide. Thank you for reading!

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