The Most Realistic Ways To Make Money With Your Blog And Get Traffic

The Most Realistic Ways To Make Money With Your Blog And Get Traffic

Let’s be honest; you probably don’t blog for the fun of it and want to find realistic ways to make money from it. You want to make a living, provide for your family. What’s a better way to do that than helping other people and provide information in different niches? You are helping others and also make money for it. That’s a great feeling when someone thanks you for helping them. When you first make a blog or a website, don’t rush for the money. For a new website to make a severe amount of money, it can take at least six months. Instead, you should focus on creating content that will help your audience.

How To Make Money By Gaining Followers And Visitors To Your Site

Before you can make money, you have to make sure that you get the right audience, which means the audience that is in your niche. How do you do that? SEO is one way. Whether it’s Google, Pinterest, or YouTube (a piece of secret advice: use all of them!) People are searching for either information or things to buy on those platforms, and you should take advantage of it. We have a great blog post that is dedicated solely on the Pinterest Platform. You can read it here.

Another way to gain visitors is by targeting the audience with paid ads. You can use Google or Facebook ads, but there is a learning curve to it, and we won’t cover it in detail in this blog post. What’s essential for you to know though is that Google ads are more suitable for targeting people that already want to buy and search for a review, for example, or a discount. Facebook ads, on the other hand, are more suitable for gaining massive amounts of traffic and funnel it to buyers. If you have a landing page or a free eBook, then using Facebook ads is the best option. They are both excellent platforms non-the less.

Gaining traffic through SEO is slower, but it doesn’t cost money. Using paid ads to get traffic is way quicker but can cost you a lot of money if you don’t know how to use it correctly. We advise you to focus on SEO in the beginning, until you are familiar with your niche and know what works and what doesn’t work. If you see that through SEO, you gain a significant amount of traffic that eventually bring you money, then we highly recommend using paid ads simultaneously to maximize your profits.

How To Make Money And Monetize Your Blog

There are many options for your blog to make a nice amount of money. Let’s discuss the most realistic ways to make money with your blog :

Put Ads On Your Website

The most known ads platform out there is Google ads. Even though it could be great to start with Google ads and make some money, you won’t get a severe amount unless you have a LOT of traffic. After you cross the 100k page views a month, you can switch to an ads network like AdThrive that will give you more money per 1000 page views.

A great way to make passive niche sites is to make 20+ websites, each with SEO optimized articles, somewhere between 30-40 and then don’t touch the website ever again. The idea is that visitors will come every month through search engines, and you will get 500-2000 dollars more or less through ads per site.

Of course, that amount of websites would take a couple of years to make, unless you have the money to outsource the content. If you outsource the content, it’s relatively reasonable to make twenty websites in one year or less. We recommend that you have at least one active site that you do work on and isn’t passive — a place which you could sell affiliate products, courses, etc.

Use affiliate marketing

You don’t have to put affiliate links on every single post, but when it fits the structure of the post to put an affiliate link and recommend a product, you should do it. Only recommend products that you either tried yourself or currently using or products that you are sure that are proper for your audience and people like using.

Try to aim for high ticket offers instead of low ticket offers. Because instead of making ten sales for 100 dollars product, you can gain one purchase of a 1000 dollars product. When you make a blog post around a high ticket offer, it’s better to do a review for it. Also, give additional bonuses for free if they buy through you.

We highly recommend that you use a tool for spelling, correcting punctuation, and plagiarism detection. You won’t seem professional if you have many grammar mistakes. Our recommended tool that we use all the time is called Grammarly. You can download it for free, but the premium version is simply amazing. Be sure to try it and see all the benefits you get with the paid version that we use as well. Also, click here if you want to read our thorough comparison and explanation between e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Maybe the most powerful tool at your disposal is email marketing. Your email list can generate you a considerable amount of money. You can put a ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ section on your website so that new visitors will get an email every time a new blog post is coming out. Visitors that will subscribe your email list and get email notifications about new blog posts will result in returning traffic. Selling high ticket products through emails could also work great if you give something for free beforehand.

To use email marketing, you have to have an email marketing software. You need to integrate it on your website, and we will teach you how to do that in another blog post that will discuss how to use an email marketing software. It’s not that complicated.

Create An Online Course

You can make an online course and sell it on your website. To do that you’ll need a third party plugin that will integrate with your WordPress site. This is also something that requires it’s own article, so we will thoroughly explain how to do that on another time.

Don’t want to make an online course yourself and put massive amounts of time for it? You don’t have to; you can pay for an expert in your niche to do that for you.

Even if you pay in advance around 1000 dollars for a high authority figure on your niche that you find on Instagram, for example, it’s still worth it if you have 100k-50k visitors a month even if just 1 percent of them would buy a 500 dollars course. All of the profits for the course are yours. You only pay one time for someone else to record an online video course for you.

Add An E-commerce Store

E-Commerce is a vast subject to discuss here so that we won’t get into all the details right now. You can use a plugin called woo commerce to sell physical products on your website and have an online store. That could require a lot of work if you don’t hire a virtual assistant that would deal with customers service.

Go to a site like Upwork or Fiverr and buy virtual assistant services. You need to make him a customer service email and let him do the job for you. What you need to do is to upload products, price them, write a good description of the products, etc. Seeing how the competitors do that could help you understand how it works. Try to reach for them via email or social media and ask for help, tips.

Sell Your Own Product

An online course is an option we already discussed, but you can make your physical product as well, or some software. The possibilities are limitless, and if you have a good and creative idea, you can pay for a freelancer to do it instead.

The Most Realistic Ways To Make Money With Your Blog And Get Traffic – In conclusion

We discussed first how to gain traffic and visitors to your website. We later on how to make it onto a business. You can make money through ads, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, selling your products, and digital courses. The sky is the limit. Thank you very much for reading!

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